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#2 Thoughts That Tear Men Down


Podcast #2: Thoughts That Tear Men Down

I discuss submissions from the Rising Father community of common thoughts that tear men down. These are negative thought patterns that are lies and can be rewritten in our minds to raise us up instead of tear us down.

The Rising Father Podcast with Chris Rodack is for men, fathers, and all others who want to explore what life is like as a busy father trying to make the most of himself. Becoming a father isn’t the end of an age, it’s the beginning. Your best times are yet to come. It’s not time to put goals on hold, it’s time to RISE in health, wealth, and family. It’s time to RISE. If you believe the best times for you are ahead, this is the podcast for you.


I’m too old to start preview

I’m too old to start

You’re not good enough

You are not your mistakes

People will laugh at you

Salesperson story

You’re not going as fast as

You are going to fail

I don’t know enough to start

Perfectionist excuse

Happy wife happy life

You can start tomorrow

Why me?

Common cause of unhappiness

Risk a career change?

This is where you are supposed to stay

Who am I really?

You will look like a fool

You can’t show emotions

Can I trust my instincts?

Am I good enough alone?

The timing isn’t right

Will my wife accept me?

Am I causing my own demise?

I can’t provide and be there for my family

What if I don’t succeed?

Experience with successful realtors


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