Rising Father

The Rising Father Podcast #82 | What If Your Kids Had Your Life?

Summary In this conversation, Chris discusses the importance of not breaking promises to our kids and the impact it can have on their lives. He shares his personal experience of waking up in the middle of the night and feeling the weight of the promises he made to his son. Chris emphasizes the need to prioritize spending quality time with our children and not letting life get in the way. He also addresses common concerns and challenges that fathers face, such as being patient with toddlers, overcoming indecisiveness, and prioritizing physical fitness for a better sex life and recreational activities with family. Takeaways Breaking promises to our kids can have a lasting impact on their lives and create feelings of disappointment and resentment. It is important to prioritize spending quality time with our children and not let other responsibilities get in the way. Being patient and understanding with our toddlers during their tantrums can help build a stronger bond with them. Overcoming indecisiveness and building self-confidence is crucial for making quick decisions and being a strong leader. Physical fitness is important for a better sex life and having the energy to engage in recreational activities with our family.

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