Rising Father

The Rising Father Podcast #79 | How To Be A Man

Summary In this conversation, Chris discusses how to feel like a man and regain confidence and strength. He emphasizes the importance of loving and respecting oneself, pushing oneself, and embracing discomfort and challenges. Chris highlights the significance of physical, mental, and emotional strength, and the need to have a morning routine, time block the day, and keep promises to oneself. He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with one’s spouse and pursuing them consistently. Chris encourages listeners to take action now and not wait for the perfect timing. Takeaways Feeling like a man requires self-love and self-respect. Pushing oneself and embracing discomfort and challenges are essential for regaining confidence and strength. Having a morning routine and time blocking the day can help increase productivity and create a sense of control. Keeping promises to oneself is crucial for building trust and maintaining a strong identity. Maintaining a strong relationship with one’s spouse requires consistent pursuit and effort. Taking action now is more important than waiting for the perfect timing.

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