Rising Father

The Rising Father Podcast #71 | Joe Galante

Summary In this episode, Chris Rodack interviews Joe Galante, a member of the Men of Fire program, about his transformation and journey as a father. Joe shares his experience before joining the program, including his struggles with laziness, drinking, and anger. He discusses the mindset shift that led him to make a change and the impact of joining the program and implementing routines. Joe emphasizes the importance of discipline, keeping promises to oneself, and staying connected with the group for support. He also addresses challenges specific to Australia, such as the culture of work and drinking. Overall, Joe’s story highlights the power of embracing challenges and making positive changes in one’s life. In this conversation, Joe Galante discusses the challenges of patience and emotional control when it comes to parenting. He emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and apologizing to his children when he loses his temper. Joe also highlights the role of routine in maintaining calmness and controlling emotions. He shares how exercise, particularly going to the gym, helps him release stress and improve emotional well-being. Joe encourages men who are hesitant to seek help to stop overthinking and take action. He credits the support and motivation from the group as a significant factor in his personal growth. Takeaways Embrace challenges and push yourself to overcome fears and resistance. Implement routines and time blocking to improve productivity and efficiency. Stay connected with a supportive community to maintain motivation and accountability. Learn from failures and setbacks, and pivot when necessary to find a better path. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:11 Transformation and Embracing Challenges 08:30 Dealing with Setbacks and Resistance 11:43 Struggles Before Joining the Program 15:41 Morning and Evening Routines 20:19 Time Blocking and Discipline 27:13 Keeping Promises to Yourself 29:30 Improving Communication in Relationships 31:40 Common Slip-Ups and Staying Connected 34:27 Pivoting and Learning from Failure 40:18 Challenges in Australia 41:04 Overcoming Cultural Norms 42:03 Patience and Emotional Control with Kids 43:36 Practicing Self-Control 45:59 The Importance of Routine 46:52 The Impact of Exercise on Emotions 47:26 Taking Action and Making Changes 49:25 The Power of the Group 51:20 Celebrating Personal Growth

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