Rising Father

The Rising Father Podcast #69 | I Almost Beat Up A Dad

Summary In this episode, Chris Rodack shares the story of his son’s jiu-jitsu tournament and the valuable lessons learned from the experience. Despite facing tough competition and suffering losses, Chris’s son demonstrated resilience and determination. Through adjusting strategies, maintaining a positive mindset, and believing in himself, he made a remarkable comeback and won a gold medal. The story highlights the importance of reacting to failure, embracing challenges, and defining oneself beyond outcomes. Takeaways Failure does not define us; it is how we react to it that matters. One’s mindset and perspective can greatly impact their performance and ability to bounce back from setbacks. Success is not solely determined by outcomes, but by the person one chooses to be in the face of adversity. Believing in oneself and tapping into inner strength can lead to remarkable achievements. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties 01:40 Son’s Jiu Jitsu Tournament 03:03 Expectations and Reality 04:23 Obnoxious Father and Kids 06:16 Confrontation with the Father 07:40 Losses and Emotional State 09:07 Rebounding from Losses 10:37 The Secret Strength 13:31 Making a Comeback 15:01 Unexpected Match and Bronze Medal 18:36 No-Gi Matches and Adjusting Strategy 20:54 Gold Medal Match 25:27 Father’s Perspective and Lessons Learned

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