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The Miracle Father Mindset


Being a father is one of the most exciting, yet one of the scariest times of a man’s life. As a coach, questions like, what are the challenges that fathers face, along with what is the most challenging aspect of being a father, and how do I become the best version of myself for my children?… Are some of the known concerns of a father today.

A lot of men are afraid of repeating the cycle they grew up in, and don’t want their children to relive those paradigms. 

A paradigm is a standard set of ideas or way of thinking. These ideas dictate your beliefs, and those beliefs create your current results. In most cases those beliefs aren’t who you are, and you may not realize you believe in them, but you follow them simply because it’s what you’ve been taught from childhood. As a child the subconscious  mind is open at all times unlike adults, because there is no resistance.

There’s nothing to stop us from doubt. We’re fully programmed to take in what we experience. As a child the faculty of imagination is at full blast, everything and anything is possible.

As we grow and experience life, it seems as if we get pulled farther and farther away from who we really are. That seems to get lost in a slew of false ideations, trauma responses and limiting beliefs. The people who run the code for your life don’t know what they’re doing, and these beliefs have been passed down through genetics. 

Paradigms have enormous influence over your perception, use of time, creativity, effectiveness, productivity, logic, and ability to earn money. Make the decision to start living the life you want today! Step up and step out of your comfort zone.

Everything that has happened in your life is absolutely essential to prepare you for who you are, and is going to prepare you for what you’re going to do. So think big things! 

In 1934 Dr. Thurman Fleet was very involved in the healing arts, and holistic health. He stated… “ The mind is an activity, not a thing. No one has ever seen the mind. In order to gain clarity and eliminate confusion, I will create an image we can work with.” 


Perception, memory, imagination, reason, intuition, will… these are all mental faculties. We’ve never been taught how to use them. Your sensory factors: See, hear, taste, smell, touch help influence the intellectual mind. The paradigm is in the emotional mind, and we can use all of this knowledge together to create a new paradigm.  

“ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein

Hold the image of what you truly want all day long. Once you master the concept of choice, how to accept or reject information and understand that your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and what is reality, your life will change drastically. What you sacrifice, or the price you pay for this is discipline. Discipline yourself to always see yourself as what you want. Think and act as the person you want to become.



Your desires must be stronger than the paradigm, or the paradigm will win every time. Space repetition is how we make the desire stronger. Lastly, there are two ways to change your paradigm. The first one is space repetition, an elite level coaching, and the second is an emotional impact (9/10 times usually something catastrophic, not to say that you can’t get deeply emotionally involved). 

To see change, we have to be the change, no matter how daunting the task. Looking back wondering if you woulda isn’t the life any father wants to live. We are leaders and our children look at us as such. Telling our children to do something we haven’t, and wouldn’t do is not the qualities of a good leader. No father wants to feel like they are not the example of success to their children. We want to show our children they can have whatever they desire, while being the source of that information.

So get out there and start living life freely. There’s no better time than right now

Rockeen Metteaux is a guest writer for Rising Father and has been a Life Coach for the past four years. Within the last two years he has specialized in mindset and relationship coaching with men.

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