Rising Father

#64 Running 200 Miles Around A Volcano with Jason Coffrin

In this conversation, Jason Coffrin shares his experiences and insights as an ultra marathon runner. He discusses the gear and preparation required for ultra marathons, including the importance of crew support and carrying essential supplies like water and electrolytes.

#60 Hutch with Hardpoint | Rising Father Podcast

Hutch is a certified U.S.C.C.A. Instructor, and the founder/owner of Hardpoint Training LLC. He served four years in the United States Marine Corps as an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter. His time as a firefighter helped him understand the importance of training, and preparedness. Constantly training for a job that you pray you never actually had to do, he takes the same approach to firearms training.

#50 Need To Have Struggling Times With Mark Dambrosio | Rising Father Podcast

#50 Need To Have Struggling Times With Mark Dambrosio | Rising Father Podcast Summary Mark participated in Season 7 of History Channel’s hit show ALONE. He grew up in Orange Park, Florida, where he spent his free time in the outdoors hunting and fishing. At 22, he joined the Marine Corps in pursuit of a […]

#44 Invest In Yourself | Rising Father Podcast

Podcast #44 Invest In Yourself Summary The Rising Father Podcast with Chris Rodack is for men, fathers, and all others who want to explore what life is like as a busy father trying to make the most of himself. Becoming a father isn’t the end of an age, it’s the beginning. Your best times are […]

#42 Your Life Story

Podcast #42: Your Life Story Summary The story you tell yourself about yourself matters. I talk about how you can create a story about who you were and who you want to be, to change your life.

#41 Be Your Biggest Fan with Joshua Findlay

Podcast #41 Be Your Biggest Fan with Joshua Findlay Summary: Joshua Findlay also known as “Kamakacci Juice” a husband, and a father of two. Born and raised in Toronto Canada. An entrepreneur with a clothing brand called “Kamakacci Clothing” a fitness enthusias who had a 70 pound body transformation in 2012 and kept the Weight […]

#40 Be Present For Your Kids

Podcast #40: be Present For Your Kids Summary What’s the number one gift you can give your kids? Time. It’s all they want. It’s what they need.

Man on Fire

Rise Of A Father: How I triumphed over fat, fear, and failure. Free Training Below: Learn the 3 steps I took as a busy father to go from fat, depressed, and distracted to ripped, present, and ON FIRE. Apply Now Apply Now If you’re a man who’s stuck in his Fitness, Family, Focus, or Freedom […]

#39 Iron John

Podcast #39: Iron John Summary I talk about men losing their fire in boyhood and what has to happen to get it back. I also tell stories from my mens program of guys doing just that.

#38 Light A Fire In Your Family

Podcast #38: Light A Fire In Your Family Summary No matter what is happening in your life, be the lighthouse for your family.

#37 You Are Good Enough with Ryan Carnahan

Podcast #37 You Are Good Enough with Ryan Carhanah Summary Ryan Carnohan is a California native who recently underwent a massive physical and mindset transformation. He now helps hundreds of men do the same as Head Coach of Super Human Fathers. He also is the Cohost of TheStoicDad Podcast. Ryan and his wife have been […]

#36 You’re a father…HANDLE IT

Podcast #36: You’re a father…HANDLE IT Summary We must win the battle within ourselves or we risk handing that off to our children. I discuss what’s at stake if we don’t win.

#35 Drew Camp

Podcast #35 Drew Camp Summary Drew Camp is a Dad of 3, combat veteran, and the founder of The Epic Dad Co. (TEDCO). TEDCO is a brand that has a mission of changing the culture by helping Dads level up their game and become the husbands, fathers, and men they are called to be. Founded […]

#34 Show Up For Our Family No Matter What

Podcast #34: Show Up For Our Family No Matter What Summary I came home from leg day tired as hell, barely able to walk, not wanting to do anything. My daughter ran downstairs to hug me and said “can we play tag outside?”…Time to show up as a Rising Father

#33 Defeat The Darkness inside

Podcast #33: Defeat The Darkness inside Summary You wake up feeling like S%*&. Are you alone? Only you feel like that? Nope. Happens to every guy. I share stories of feeling like that myself and how I overcome this feeling, and why you should never expect it to go away.

#32 Lyfe of Dad

Podcast #32 Lyfe of Dad Summary Paul Dippolito is the creator of the Lyfe_of_a_dad brand. He’s a husband and father who loves to share his passion of cooking, humor, and family with the world. We have a laid back, free flowing conversation about food, yardwork, everyday dad stuff, and the joys of having a redhead […]

#31 Leaving The Warm Bed

Podcast #31: Leaving The Warm bed Summary Leaving your warm bed to go out into the cold and workout is hell in the moment. But when you’re under the bar sweating your A** off? Pure joy. I had this battle this morning and go into the thoughts I had to navigate during this inner war.

#30 Every Day Is A War with Steve Eckert

Podcast #30 Every Day Is A War with Steve Eckert Summary Steve Eckert is a peak performance coach and instructor at @themdkproject, a 75 hour crucible for men who want to get unstuck, create financial freedom, fix their relationships and have fulfillment.  This podcast is one that can change your life if you take the […]

#28 Uncivilized Teens with Mike Danson

Podcast #28 Uncivilized Teens with Mike Danson Summary Mike Danson founded the Uncivilized Teen program for young men. They focus on providing EQ, self awareness, and brotherhood to men ages 13-18. Follow Mike on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mike_perspectives/

#27 Everyday Moments That Mean Everything

Podcast #27: Everyday Moments That Mean Everything Summary I share stories of almost missing beautiful moments with my family because I was too concerned with myself. I reminded myself of some very important lessons that will stop me from living with regret. 

#26 Don’t Keep Score with Nate Weber

Podcast #26: Don’t Keep Score with Nate Weber Summary Nate Weber, husband and father of 3, is a hitting and field instructor at Gold Standard Athletics by Eric Munson and Loras College softball hitting coach. https://www.instagram.com/hittingcoachnate/

#25 The Man Who Suffers The Most with Kyle Carnahan

Podcast #25: The Man Who Suffers The Most with Kyle Carnahan Summary Kyle Carnahan of Superhuman Fathers digs deep in this episode. He gives wisdom to men who are lost, confused, and can’t find their purpose. The solution is more simple than they think. He describes what he has been doing for men inside his […]

#24 Man runs 5K for 1,000 Straight Days

Podcast #24: Man runs 5K for 1,000 straight days Summary Matt Rumley has run a 5K for 1,000 straight days ever since having a “come to Jesus moment” after his son was born. Listen to his inspiring story about how he changed his life and lost 100 pounds.

#23 Ferocious Fatherhood

Podcast #23: Ferocious Fatherhood Summary In this episode I talk with Shane of Ferocious Fatherhood. He’s created an awesome brand meant to inspire men to become the best dads they can be. We talk about the struggles of building an online business, problems fathers in the military go through, and his time as a father. […]

#22 You Are Not Alone With Dr. Pierre Azzam

Podcast #22: You Are Not Alone With Dr. Pierre Azzam Summary Dr. Azzam has over twenty years of experience in medicine, mental health, and personal development with men. As a psychiatrist, he’s trained and taught at some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States, and spent the last decade helping others to seek […]

#21 Luke Ross

Podcast #21: Luke Ross Summary Luke Ross is a husband, father, United States Marine Corps veteran and the founder of Dads Digging Deeper, a fatherhood and parenting website that promotes the personal growth of men and the value that dads bring to society. Luke Ross is a Senior at Liberty University studying digital marketing and […]

#20 How To Fix Your Child’s Behavior Without Yelling

Podcast #20: How To Fix Your Child’s Behavior Without Yelling Summary It’s tough to be a parent. You want what’s best for your child, but sometimes it feels like you can’t get through to them without yelling. In this video I’ll share my personal strategies for guiding your child’s behavior without raising your voice.

#19 Dive Into Your Vision With Matt Halson

Podcast #19: Dive Into Your Vision With Matt Halson Summary Living in Australia, Matt pulled himself back from being a poor communicating, unhappy, workaholic who was close to losing his family. With almost a decade of experience in men’s work and self development, Matt now helps men discover their values, vision and purpose in life. […]