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i can't afford it

How I stopped saying “I can’t afford it”


I can’t afford it!

Doesn’t that get old?

HELL YES it does

I used to dread paying cashiers because I didn’t know if my card would go through

We would fret over every dollar and quiz each other…

“Was that large coffee necessary?…A medium is fine!”

Fun times…

With unexpected kids, a furloughed job, and another job sucking every ounce of time… we were stretched THIN.

What was our next move?

Spend more money of course!

Just as we finally paid off our credit card, we took it back out and invested in ourselves.


How to build a digital income

I found people who had already done it, taught it to other people, and I wanted to be next.

I was tired of saying “I Can’t Afford It” and wanted to up my income instead of shaving off pennies like Mickey Mouse in Mickey and the Beanstalk.

Saving every penny for 50 years so I can finally live when I’m too old to enjoy it didn’t make sense

Instead of “I Can’t Afford It” I started saying “How Can I Afford It?”

Gain skills other people will need

Do something others will pay you for

From there we built an online business that changed the way we live.

Most importantly it let us treat each other as we wanted.

The hardest part for MOST people is investing that first dollar

It’s easy to blow $200 at Costco on fruit that will go bad next week but $200 in a course that could change your life?


“What if it doesn’t work out??”

Here’s what I found after doing 100+ sales calls this past year where I asked strangers to hand over $20K+ after talking to them for 45 minutes total.

Successful people invest in themselves

My easiest and shortest calls were with top producers

Investing and risk was an expectation for them

Guess which calls took 90 minutes and ended with “I’ll think about it” and demands of a guarantee?

People that needed us the most, but had no business sense

They believed in us but didn’t believe in themselves

Like a receiver dropping a perfect pass, they didn’t believe they had what it takes IF they took the risk

For some, it’s easier to play it safe and stay where you are than face the possibility of a failed venture

BELIEVE in yourself

INVEST in yourself

Time to RISE

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