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Rising Father is a community of men obsessed with becoming the absolute best husbands, fathers, and men they can be. We become more so we can give more. We are the lighthouse to our families, businesses, and communities.

The world is starving for men strong in body, mind, and spirit to lead. Too many men have allowed their primal, internal fires to die along with the visions they once had for themselves. Rising Father is dedicated to giving men the tools they need to find their fire once again and lead themselves, their families, and communities like never before.

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Step One: Listen to The Podcast

The Rising Father Podcast is for men who want to rise in their fitness, family, focus, and freedom. I alternate between solo podcasts where I tell stories and pull lessons from my life as a father, husband, and business owner to interview podcasts where I interview guests such as Steve Eckert, Ryan Michler, Curious Neuron, Tired Dad, Mark Dambrosio from Alone, Ultra marathon runners and more.

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Social media can be a tool for good in the world if used correctly. Want to do a quick self check? Look at your explore page. If you don’t like what you see, start seeking out content that builds you as a man.

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Step 4: Join Men Of Fire

This is a high level men’s program made for men who want to push themselves harder than ever in their fitness, family, focus, and freedom. It’s for men who want to get UNSTUCK and finally breakthrough in life. This program teaches the tools I needed to build multiple 6 figure businesses while working a 9-5, get in the best shape of my life, and lead my family stronger than ever.

If you know you can give more as a husband, father, and leader, this could be the program that gets you there. It has been for men across the globe.

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