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9 Iconic Men To Help You Rise

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A role model is essential for every man. Regardless of our age or success, we should always strive to develop ourselves both physically and mentally. These ten men have risen above the adversity of their lives to reach great heights in human achievement. They are living proof that we can do anything with enough confidence, tenacity and grace under pressure:

Tony Robbins

An iconic figure in motivational speaking, Tony Robbins is recognized worldwide. Millions of men around the world follow his example to reach their potential. Throughout Tony’s life, he has helped men realize they have the power to change their lives. His philosophy and approach has helped many people around the world to see life from a new perspective.

Tony Robbins discusses the importance of controlling your thoughts, and how they have the power to control all aspects of your life. He does this by sharing his personal story about how he was able to overcome insurmountable odds through a change in thinking. He talks about how we all have unlimited potential and that with a positive outlook, anything is possible.

Joe ROgan

During his career, Joe Rogan has developed into an American stand-up comedian, actor, martial arts color commentator, and podcast host. Joe was the first person to bring UFC on FOX to the masses, with a ton of passion for Mixed Martial Arts.

During his passionate lectures, Joe captivates the audience with insightful content and takes life by storm. A true icon in the world of motivation, he has inspired millions of men across the globe to embrace their masculinity and make the most of the life they have.

Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy SEAL who served in Iraq, Bosnia and other hot spots all over the world. In addition to his hugely successful podcasting career, Jocko has acquired an enormous amount of life knowledge. The insights he has about taking charge of your life have inspired many people to chase their goals. “Discipline equals freedom” is his famous catchphrase

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic is a motivational speaker and an author who was born without arms or legs. Nick now travels the world speaking to people of all ages, helping them realize that they too can rise up against the odds.

It is Nick’s story of faith, optimism, and courage that will inspire others to set their minds to anything they desire despite first appearances. This is done through motivational speeches and in his book, “Life Without Limbs: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life”, released in January 2010. Nick lives every day with an outlook that is filled with love, determination, encouragement, and his message of hope is reaching much of the world.

Elon Musk

The name Elon Musk brings up images of a real life Tony Stark, and for good reason. He is the founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. These are all companies that are going to completely change the world as we know it. The man has an incredible ability to bring ideas into reality, making him one of the top motivational men today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There is no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most iconic figures in the world of bodybuilding. In addition to inspiring millions of men to sculpt their bodies, he’s also had incredible success in Hollywood and has served as governor of California. Having achieved so much through sheer hard work, drive, and determination, Arnold truly is a role model for men around the globe.


Robert Kiyosaki is known as “the teacher of millionaires”. He has created a way for average people to make incredible amounts of money, and he inspires millions of men from all around the world with his motivational talks. His wisdom on how to properly invest your money is priceless.

He is also the founder of The Rich Dad Co., a corporation that provides tools as well as training for entrepreneurs and investors such as real estate investment, stocks and bonds, entrepreneurship education among others.

His philosophy is people should be investing in themselves first so that they can provide for their family’s future security. His message has helped grow society by teaching people how to become financially independent.


Tim Ferris is one of the most well known entrepreneurs and motivational speakers in the world. Aside from building a massive business empire, he has also published best-selling books that changing people’s lives. Tim has truly inspired millions of men from all around the globe to become better versions of themselves.


David Goggins is a former US Navy SEAL who has pushed himself farther than most people could ever dream of going. The athlete holds several endurance and powerlifting records, and he works hard every day in order to improve himself. There is much to be learned from the way he approaches life, and we should all strive to aspire to it.

Being a Man: Whatever comes, face it on your feet

Fathers need to be strong and show the world that masculinity is not dead.

Every father needs to face his challenges head-on. Don’t hide from adversity, but face it! When men overcome a challenge, they learn valuable life lessons and harden like steel in a forge.

     A man should never back down from an obstacle or difficulty; he must confront these things with courage and tenacity, as opposed to hiding away out of fear or apathy–especially when the thing he is hiding from has been plaguing him for years.

It is when we charge into our fears that we grow. Most of the time, we realize that what we were so afraid of was nothing. Like Don Quixote, we create fake enemies.

Problems have a tendency to build up in our brain if they go unchecked. The buildup causes a great deal of anxiety, stress, and fear. It actually seems far more difficult to face our fears than actually is; the mind can be devious that way.

The best thing we can do for ourselves in this situation is confront them head-on. In doing so, we learn valuable life lessons about how to overcome problems or find new solutions faster when they arise again.

Like a bar of iron getting harder with each hammer we too use discomfort to strengthen ourselves.

Everything becomes easier once you’ve done it before–and there’s nothing quite as satisfying as feeling invincible after having faced something which seemed insurmountable just moments earlier!

Time to Rise men!