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Seven Fatherhood Quotes that will Inspire You


Being a father is the best job a man can have. We all have our mission in life, but our greatest calling is raising the next generation to be better than ourselves and better for the world.  There are a lot of fatherhood quotes out there but these are some of my favorite. Feel free to share these fatherhood quotes with your fellow dads to inspire them to be the best fathers they can be. 

Fatherhood Quote 1

Fathers are often taken for granted. 

We rely on them for countless necessities of life yet many count their importance secondary. 

Mother’s Day will often turn into lavish nights out or weekends away while fathers happily take their tie and sock combo then spend the rest of the day fixing the car.

A quick study shows 15 million more searches for “mothers day” than “fathers day”, the same for “gifts for mom” vs “gifts for dad”.

Father’s don’t mind however. They don’t want the fuss. 


The importance of fathers cannot be understated. The presence of a father has been shown to greatly increase the chances for success in the life of a child.

Studies have shown that when fathers are affectionate and supportive, it greatly affects a child’s cognitive and social development. It also instills an overall sense of well-being and self confidence.

Research also shows that most children get their sense of humor from their fathers. (Can be a good or bad thing:)


Boys learn how to behave by watching their fathers. If the father is an example of a caring person, the boy will grow up like that too. If the father isn’t around and there are no other male figures, then the boy learns from who he sees act around him, which may not be good behavior.


Dads can show girls what a good relationship with a man is like. If dad is loving and gentle, his daughter will look for those qualities in men when she’s old enough to date someday. If dad is strong and valiant, she will relate closely to men of the same character.


The steadfastness of fathers has become so routine that everything they do is just expected. 

A father is a mechanic, plumber, contractor, electrician, AC expert, garage door repairman, landscaper, exterminator, lumberjack, doctor, garbage man, small machines expert, navigator, full time driver, cook, furniture builder, Protector provider, the first to run into the rain for the car and the last to close the door.

Fathers are not a luxury, they are the foundation in which we build our lives.

Fatherhood Quote 2

💥Fathers are Essential. 

They provide and protect.

Fathers provide a sense of safety and normalcy that children FEEL when they get home. 

Unfortunately, they are also taken for granted. 

The steadfastness of fathers has become so routine that everything they do is just expected. 

The “new normal” for fathers everywhere is to work long hours, stay up late being a contractor on the house, then receive under appreciation and blame when they turn on the TV or pick up the phone. 

A child knows the importance of a father. 

A child knows what it feels like when dad’s not there. 

The importance of a father in a child’t life cannot be understated. 

They are not a luxury, they are the foundation on which we build our lives. 

💪FATHERS!…It’s not time to tire and go to sleep.

🔥It’s time to rekindle your fire and RISE. 

Let’s RISE

Fatherhood Quote 3

Being a father holds me more accountable than anything else in my life. 

I know my kids are watching everything I do.

They watch me and (happily) report if I stray from my publicly stated standards. 

In a restaurant, I can always count on my son to tell me when I am indulging after telling them to only have two cups of lemonade. 😂

I don’t mind and laugh with him,  but it keeps me in check. 

They also adopt my characteristics. 

👉This carries the MOST weight. 

When someone admires you so much that they match their life to yours…you better have your shit together. 

Fatherhood Quote 4

There is nothing that ignites more naturally in a man than his desire to be a great father.

Fathers want to provide for the family.

Fathers want to be a role model for the family. 

Fathers want to be the rock for the family. 

This is why a father strives to achieve his personal goals. 

But goals for the sake of progress alone are empty. 

A goal assumes new meaning when a purpose is attached.

Getting in shape to look good at the gym is one thing. 

Shedding pounds so your children model a healthy life and they teach their children to live a healthy life is quite different.

Fathers literally change the future of the world with how they impact their families. 

Positive or negative, we create the future. 

👉Nothing would be better for the planet than if every father made the children waiting at home their top priority. 

Goals for the sake of the hustle carry little weight.

Realize your impact and importance on this world.

🔥Time To RISE

Fatherhood Quote 5

Do you have memories that are seared into your brain? 

Most likely they are from when you were a kid.

Our kids absorb everything around them 10x more than we do. 

⚖We have filters built up from years of decisions and consequences.

We know what to ignore, what to pay attention to…

Kids don’t have that system set up yet.

They are in the process of building it.

How we react to their decisions, how they react, what they watch us do..all form the filter that will guide their adult selves. 

👉It’s important to remember that the moments we don’t consider important may be vastly important in the eyes of our kids.

Interactions we forget about minutes later may be seared into the brains of our children forever. 

HOW we live will be remembered.

WHAT we value will be remembered.

Will our kids say:

✅”I want to be just like dad” 

✅”My dad worked his ass off”

✅”My dad was always trying to make something of himself”


⛔”He was never quite happy”

⛔”He couldn’t get out of his own way”

⛔”He always talked about doing things but never pulled the trigger”

What will be your legacy?

Make it something great.

Be who you were meant to be.

Fatherhood Quote 6

Fatherhood Quote

Fatherhood transforms us into the men we want to be.

Ordinary men become magical in the eyes of children.

You go from an everyday man to a superhero the moment your child is born.

It’s up to us to pick our path.

Like a choose your own adventure book, everyday decisions can lead to great success or a disastrous ending.

To be the hero our child sees in us, we have to BECOME that hero.

Being a dad is the greatest motivation of all.

Allow it to transform you into the greatest version of yourself.

Make it your motivation to RISE.

Fatherhood Quote 7

fatherhood quotes

Being a father is a calling, not a job. 

It’s not something we “have” to do 

It’s a force that PULLS us.

We are drawn to lead our family. 

Leading by example molds the next generation. 

It’s up to us to decide what will be pulled out of the forge.

⚒LIke a great blacksmith knows…better preparation means fewer mistakes.

A stronger, more durable piece of steel comes from taking the time to pay attention to the details, and caring about the process. 

So goes it with our children. 

While we have them, we must treasure every moment and focus on the details. 

We must CARE about the process and actively work to improve ourselves as people and parents. 

We only get one shot.

Time to RISE

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