Rising Father

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Starting Something New


I’m the guy on the bottom getting his ass kicked by a Brazilian black belt.

But guess what?

I love it, and it’s ok to get your ass kicked.

This was me about 6 months in as a white belt.

Ass kickings (it’s a word) are going to happen if you want to start anything new EVER.

Sure I’ve gotten a broken rib, black eyes, cuts, and been submitted hundreds of times by large men sitting on my chest trying to break my arm or cut off circulation to my brain.


It’s not killing me…

I’m getting stronger, getting faster, I’m escaping and defending myself better every time I roll. I’m starting to catch the occasional higher belt with a submission.

If getting my ass kicked, the fear of looking like a novice, fear of embarrassment scared me off….. I would never get a chance to improve.

I just turned 34 and have my first grey spot.

This past year I started Jiu Jitsu, learned how to play bass guitar (decently), grew an online business to 5 figures a month, then started a new one.

Anxiety, fear, and endless what-ifs were present every step of the way.

But, like I told my son when he was too scared to jump off a waterfall with me into a lake….. Courage doesn’t mean you are never scared… Courage means you are scared but do it anyway.

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