Rising Father

#7 Care For Yourself To Care For Others


Podcast #7: Care For Yourself To Care For Others

Care for yourself to care for others. Guys so often put everyone else before themselves. This mindset is passed down from generation to generation. While serving a good purpose, this can also be to the detriment of men themselves and their families. 

Not only are you important enough to care for yourself, but your family benefits by having a happier, healthier you. 

In this episode I talk about why fathers need to prioritize their own health, sanity, friends, and lives.

Podcast Chapters:

  • 0:00 Podcast preview
  • 1:16 Don’t be a martyr
  • 2:09 You need to care for yourself
  • 3:19 The guilt mindset
  • 6:10 Get enjoyment out of life
  • 7:17 What to do when you have no friends
  • 10:15 Don’t take your friends for granted
  • 15:21 Friends can build you up
  • 16:37 Friends that keep your ego in check
  • 18:17 Fathers need to relax
  • 19:19 Naps are important
  • 24:47 Fighting for food in a big family
  • 27:28 Matthew Walker’s book on sleep
  • 29:37 Feel good about your body and health
  • 31:02 Not working out is selfish
  • 31:26 Think long term about your self care
  • 32:14 Chryotherapy and sauna



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