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#5 Build Confident Kids By Building Confident Men


Podcast #5: Build Confident Kids By Building Confident Men

The number one way to develop confident kids is to model confidence ourselves. In this episode, I discuss way we can display or learn confidence, and how that has an impact on our kids.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 Protecting our kids can do the opposite
  • 1:12 My son gets punched in the face/Call from principal
  • 5:50 Model confidence yourself and kids will follow
  • 6:18 Change your stance to change your confidence
  • 6:50 Breathing strategies to improve confidence
  • 9:00 Trying new things develops confidence
  • 10:46 Praise effort over outcome
  • 12:54 Let your kids fail so they succeed
  • 14:42 Praise perseverance
  • 14:58 Setting goals will develop confidence
  • 17:11 Our responsibility as parents
  • 17:33 Don’t be a helicopter parent
  • 20:44 Set your kids up for success
  • 21:56 Success breeds success
  • 22:30 Love your kids to make them confident

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