Rising Father

Being a Man: Whatever comes, face it on your feet.


Every father needs to face his challenges head-on. Don’t hide from adversity, but face it. When men overcome a challenge, they learn valuable life lessons and harden like steel in a forge.

Fathers need to be strong and show the world that masculinity is not dead.

If he faces obstacles or difficulties, he must confront them with courage and tenacity rather than hiding out of fear or apathy-especially when these problems have plagued him for years.

It is when we charge into our fears that we grow. Most of the time, we realize that what we were so afraid of was nothing. Like Don Quixote, we create fake enemies. 

Problems have a tendency to build up in our brain if they go unchecked. The buildup causes a great deal of anxiety, stress, and fear. It actually seems far more difficult to face our fears than actually is; the mind can be devious that way.

When we face such problems, the best thing we can do is to engage them directly. We learn valuable life lessons that can be applied to the next time we encounter a similar situation.

Like a bar of iron getting harder with each hammer we too use discomfort to strengthen ourselves.

There is no greater feeling than feeling invincible after conquering something that seemed insurmountable mere moments earlier.

Time to Rise men!

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