Rising Father

Allow your Dreams to Grow with You.


Don’t be a slave to your childhood dreams.

Sure, they might be the most emotional and vivid memories you have.


Resist the urge to make life-changing decisions based on what you were passionate about at 10 years old.

Allow yourself the freedom to grow and change.

Your perspective can change… thinking can change… priorities can change… the body can change…everything changes.

Keep your arrow pointing forward and know what your long-term goals are.

Then, decide which goals and dreams fit where you want to be.

Where you decide to invest your time today will move you closer or farther from your long-term goal.

Maybe you were passionate about something in High School because you had an inspirational teacher.


That HS passion led you to pursue a college degree.

By the time you get your degree, job, and family, lots of time has passed! 

You are a different person than when you used to slam McDonald’s with a car full of bros at 2 am.

Give yourself a pat on the back and acknowledge the goals you have accomplished.

Then reevaluate and make a new plan.

It’s ok. Your childhood self will thank you.

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