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9 FUN Ways to Teach Kids About Financial Literacy


Do you want your children to grow up with better financial habits than you did? Teaching kids about personal finances can seem like a daunting task at first, but it is easier than it may seem. All that is needed are some simple steps and creativity. This blog will go over some of these steps and provide tips on how to teach your children about money while having a good time.

9 ways your kids will enjoy learning about financial literacy.

1) Make a Game of Counting Change: Throw a pile of change onto the floor and have your kids separate it into stacks. Whoever counts their stack correctly and first, wins!

2) Stack Coins:

Try making the biggest stack of coins you can and count the total as you go higher. (Like a fancy Jenga)

3) I Spy Money:

  One person picks something around their house worth less than five dollars and the other person guesses what it is by asking yes/no questions. (change the monetary value for each round)

4) Savings Chart:

 Charts have worked wonders for our kids. We use them for chores and there is always a reward at the end. They get a piece of candy, go out for ice cream, or pick a toy from the dollar store. Make a big, exciting chart showing how much money each kid is saving. When they hit the goal, they get the reward!

5) Pretend Values:

 Play games where you pretend that everything around the house is worth different amounts, such as

“If I had this many pieces of paper, I could buy three pencils…etc. “

6) Monopoly Junior:

  Monopoly Junior teaches kids about financial literacy concepts while having fun with friends. Buy it HERE

7) Envelope System:

 You can create an envelope system with your child. Give them a certain amount of money on the first day, keep track of that amount as they spend it over time, and then have them pay you back for everything they spent. This will teach them about saving up to buy something or spending more slowly, so they can save for other things. It also teaches responsibility when dealing with debt!

8) Lemonade Stand:

 This is a classic that does the job. Our kids did this last year and LOVED it. The pop-up business ended up consuming our whole day! You can set up a lemonade stand and have them sell different types of drinks like water, tea, or soda…or lemonade. Price them all differently. Have your kids make posters to advertise their products.

9) Toy Math:

 (Tell your kids what happens in advance to avoid tantrums) Go to a toy store with your kids and their piggy bank money. Have them pick out a toy. Then, ask them to subtract the amount of money they saved from the total toy price. Write that on a saving goal chart where they can see it every day. For showing restraint, a dollar bin toy or candy bar might be in order. 

Teaching children about financial literacy is crucial to their future. If your father didn’t teach you, it may be time to step in and give your kids the gift of money management skills. The key is making it fun! In this blog post, we provided 9 games that will help make learning about money a blast for everyone involved. Give one of these games a try with your child today; let us know how things go in the comments!

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