Rising Father

#8 Break Free From Your Past


Podcast #8: Break Free From Your Past

Break free from the chains of your past. So many of us are held down by “who we think we are.” Our memories of past failures don’t have to define us. You are what you do today.

In this episode I talk about how men can rewrite the story of their life and don’t have to be held hostage to their past memories.

Podcast Chapters: 

  • 1:15 Podcast downloads way up
  • 1:53 What is breaking free from your past?
  • 3:10 We’ve all been through trauma
  • 5:15 Negative thoughts on repeat?
  • 5:52 Can you handle your own thoughts?
  • 7:37 Gain your superpower
  • 8:10 Cab you believe you own thoughts?
  • 9:33 Reject the lies of your past
  • 11:27 You are what you did today
  • 12:10 You don’t have to be who you were as a child
  • 14:22 The best days are ahead of you
  • 15:42 You can stay who you are forever
  • 17:24 Men need to have a mission
  • 20:48 Son losing weight
  • 23:45 We all tell lies about ourselves
  • 24:57 The secret by Earl Nightingale
  • 26:50 Tell the universe what you want
  • 28:36 Give your brain an image of what you want
  • 29:54 Memories of failures
  • 31:12 Brains can’t tell between reality and imagination
  • 33:56 Don’t let your past define you


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