Rising Father

The Rising Father Podcast #68 | Ryan Michler-What Men Need Today

In this conversation, Chris Rodack interviews Ryan Michler, the founder of Order of Man, about the importance of overcoming fear and taking action. They emphasize that courage is a decision and that there is no prerequisite to trying something new. They also explore the role of fear in courage and the need to acknowledge and embrace it. The conversation highlights the importance of coachability and the impact of coaches in personal growth. They also touch on the value of learning from failure and the role of fathers in teaching their children about failure and resilience. Takeaways Courage is a decision that requires acknowledging and embracing fear. There is no prerequisite to trying something new; just show up and take action. Coachability is a crucial factor in personal growth and success. Failure is an opportunity for growth and learning. Fathers play a vital role in teaching their children about failure and resilience. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Podcasting 01:55 Ryan’s Hunting Trips 03:13 Ryan’s Journey into Hunting 05:07 Impact of Hunting on Diet 06:45 Getting Started with Hunting 08:13 Introducing Children to Hunting 11:39 Lessons Learned from Hunting with Children 16:27 The Misconceptions about Hunting 20:02 Jiu-Jitsu and Managing Emotions 28:02 The Importance of Network and Framework 33:05 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action 34:49 Overcoming Fear and Taking Action 36:13 Courage as a Decision 37:46 The Role of Fear in Courage 39:03 Deciding to Act Confident 41:24 Changing Value System 43:13 The Importance of Coachability 46:19 Learning from Failure 50:46 The Influence of Coaches 53:21 Delegating and Ensuring Things Get Done 54:22 Closing Remarks

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