Rising Father

#66 Pivoting In Life And Business

In this episode, Chris discusses the parallels between pivoting in business and pivoting in life. He emphasizes the importance of belief and passion in pursuing goals and advises against wasting time on something you don’t truly believe in. Chris shares the importance of learning from failure and adjusting course, highlighting the value of each failure in moving closer to success. He distinguishes between quitting and pivoting, emphasizing the need to align your actions with your vision. Chris also discusses the importance of choosing the right vehicle to achieve your vision and the significance of believing in your product or service. He encourages building resilience and overcoming challenges, reminding listeners that change requires doing things you’re not used to. Finally, Chris advises listeners to objectively assess their passion for their current pursuits and consider pivoting if necessary. Takeaways Belief and passion are crucial in pursuing goals and achieving success. Failure is an opportunity to learn and adjust course. Quitting is different from pivoting; it’s important to align actions with your vision. Choose a vehicle that aligns with your goals and beliefs. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Parallel between Business and Life Pivoting 01:00 The Importance of Belief and Passion in Pursuing Goals 01:56 Recognizing the Need to Pivot 02:53 Learning from Failure and Adjusting Course 04:21 Quitting vs Pivoting 05:21 Choosing the Right Vehicle to Achieve Your Vision 08:12 The Importance of Believing in Your Product or Service 09:23 Building Resilience and Overcoming Challenges 10:06 The Vision Must Be Greater Than the Obstacles 12:05 Recognizing the Lack of Passion and the Need to Pivot 13:01 Conclusion and Preview of Next Episode

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