Rising Father

#65 Your Child’s First Teacher with Curious Neuron

Dr. Cindy Hovington, a neuroscientist and host of the Curious Neuron podcast, discusses the impact of parental emotions on children’s behavior and emotional development. She emphasizes the importance of parents regulating their own emotions and practicing self-care to create an emotionally safe home environment. Dr. Hovington highlights the value of allowing children to make mistakes and learn from failure, as well as the role of routines and daily habits in parenting. She also addresses the topic of spanking and its potential negative effects on children’s mental health. Additionally, Dr. Hovington discusses the changing role of fathers in parenting and the importance of physical love and bonding with babies. She concludes by emphasizing the role of parents as the child’s first teacher of emotions and the importance of balancing warmth and boundaries in parenting. In this conversation, Cindy Hovington discusses the importance of the tripartite model of parenting, which includes warmth and connection, setting boundaries, and expressing and communicating emotions. She emphasizes the need for parents to be intentional in their relationships and to model emotional regulation for their children. Cindy also addresses strategies for dealing with temper tantrums and teaching children appropriate behavior. She highlights the challenges of co-parenting in separate households and the importance of maintaining a positive relationship in front of the children. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the impact of fathers in parenting and the need for self-care and reflection.

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