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6 Ways Fathers can Make Money Online


Being a world-class father and holding down a career is difficult. You have to make time for your family while also making enough money to support them. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like you’ll be able to juggle everything, but luckily there are many opportunities to take advantage of this year.  In this post, we will take a look at 6 different ways fathers can make extra money online this month!

1) Start a blog and monetize it with ads or affiliate links:

You will need to create the blog content and advertise it. It’s not easy, but if you have some skills in writing or marketing, then this is a great side hustle!

The first thing to do is find your niche. What are you passionate about? What do you know the most about? What are your hobbies? Once you have an idea in mind, find a blog hosting platform and create your brand name. It’s always good to include keywords that people might be searching for if they’re looking for information on this topic!

For monetization, ads are a common option; however, there are very lucrative options if you dive into affiliate marketing deeper. For example, if you are passionate about grilling and recommend people to purchase a specific grill, many companies will give you a percentage of each purchase made by a customer. 

You are essentially a middle man that brings traffic in lieu of ads for a company. 

Once it looks great, set up some social media accounts. Instagram and Facebook should suffice at first. Post content often, but don’t over post. Engage with followers as much as possible and make sure your posts look professional by adding hashtags (#) or linking back to other articles from your site throughout them.

2) Sell unused items on eBay:

Have stuff lying around your house? Most likely, there is someone out there who thinks your junk is a treasure! You can make some serious side money by selling your unused items on eBay.

If you have a sentimental item, it might be worth asking if someone would like to purchase it instead of throwing it out or giving it away.

Take pictures and upload them to the site for sale.

List what is included with an item so that potential buyers know they’re getting exactly what they want before purchasing.

Make sure all information about shipping charges are listed clearly, along with any other fees associated with sales (such as PayPal). This transparency will help keep customers happy!


3) Build websites for other businesses:

If you own a business of any size, you need a website. Many times people just don’t have time to do it on their own. Instead, they outsource it to freelancers. That’s where you come in!

You can start by building an online portfolio of your work and then contacting businesses with the offer that if they give you a project for free (or at cost), you will include them on your resume as a satisfied customer.

Once you have developed some experience and a solid reputation, people might contact YOU looking for web services, rather than vice versa.

4) Freelance copyright for brands:

How many brands do you know? Thousands. Every time you turn on the TV, phone, radio, you are listening to a brand try and sell you something. Every one of these brands need people to write copy for ads, websites, e-mails, and more. 

Copywriting is a great side hustle because it’s usually just one or two hours of work each day that you can do in any location with an internet connection – perfect if you travel often!

Freelancing on sites like Upwork are easy ways to find clients, but note that these jobs won’t be steady until you’re established as a freelancer.

Finding these opportunities can be done by first identifying your skills and then looking for job postings that require those specific talents.

Start with a Google search, like “copywriter jobs”. Or try websites such as Indeed or SimplyHired

5) Create an agency and sell leads to local businesses:

Everywhere you look, you see local businesses. The ones that stick around? They have customers. Where do those customers come from? For a lot of them, it’s leads. Leads are contact info of an interested prospect that the business will call to set an appointment or sell to over the phone. You’d be surprised how many businesses rely heavily on agencies for leads as their sole source of new clients. This is for people who are looking to make serious money online and be their own boss.

I have personal experience in this as I run a lead gen agency called Realty Bandit. We sell appointments to realtors who are looking to grow their brokerages.

They pay us to find potential clients for them. It takes 90% of their prospecting work away and increases their revenue. It’s a Win-Win for any business owner.

The great thing is, the more you go into this realm, the more opportunity you will find. EVERYONE needs leads, and you might be the person they pay to give it to them!

6) Affiliate Marketing: 

This is a strategy where you promote and sell other people’s products or services for commissions. The good thing about this approach is that there are very little start-up costs (except your time). You just need to find an affiliate product offer, advertise it on your blog posts and social media channels of choice, send traffic to the offer with paid advertising tools like Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, then collect payment after making sales.

The most common affiliate is an Amazon affiliate.

Almost everything on Amazon can earn you a commission.

You can also make money as an “affiliate” by promoting side hustle businesses that you think people will love on your website, Facebook group, or blog post.

Affiliates earn commissions from the sale they refer to their merchant’s site. This is a win for any business owner because it means potential new customers!

I hope you find these ideas helpful as a side hustle or in starting your own online business! Feel free to e-mail me at chris@risingfather.com for a fantastic course on how to start making a digital income TODAY.  Remember, the sky is not even close to being the limit in terms of potential money-making opportunities on the internet. Take some time today and look into each one because they’re all great ways to make extra income!

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