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#30 Every Day Is A War with Steve Eckert


Podcast #30 Every Day Is A War with Steve Eckert


Steve Eckert is a peak performance coach and instructor at @themdkproject, a 75 hour crucible for men who want to get unstuck, create financial freedom, fix their relationships and have fulfillment. 

This podcast is one that can change your life if you take the advice to heart. Listen a few times, take notes, and take action. 

We dive into:

  • The Project
  • His daily routines
  • His “Lifeschooling” for his kids
  • 24 hour fitness challenges he does with his kids
  • Habits that keep his relationships, business, and fitness in top form
  • The past that made him who he is

And much more that you need to soak in. This 90 min episode inspired me to make some changes in my own routines that I’m already loving including “intentional transitions between phases of the day”

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