Rising Father

#12 Ignore Shiny Objects


Podcast #12 Ignore Shiny Objects


There’s never been more temptation to take you off course than there is now.

Everyone wants a piece of you and you want a piece of the action you see.

Unless you want caught in a whirlwind of starting and stopping, pick one thing and complete it.

You will feel at peace and fulfilled when you know you are working towards one mission.

The worst feeling in the world is starting something then getting pulled in a different direction then starting another thing then getting pulled in another direction.

Expertise comes from years of experience at a specific thing.

You can be successful at anything but you have to stick with THAT thing.

Even if you see someone on social media blasting past you with progress in THEIR life, stick to YOUR life.

Be no.1 with what you do, not no. 2 at someone else’s.


It’s really easy when you’re trying to build something to get pulled in different directions whether you’re
trying to build your health build a business family things i’m going through right now and a lot of
people do i think it tears at the soul of anyone who’s trying
to make a long-term improvement because you think i really want to
get to this result and then you start to be results focused
and you look at say i want to get to you know ten thousand dollars a month in my business or whatever it is
anything right now i’m at zero so every day you think about that ten thousand dollar number
if so day one i’m not a ten thousand day two i’m not a ten thousand day three i’m
not a ten thousand or you’re three hundred pounds and you wanna get to two hundred pounds
day one you go to the gym you’re three hundred day two your 301
day three year 299 and every day you think about that ending result
it kills you on the inside a little bit more and more and more because you’re thinking about i’m where i am right now
but i’m not where i want to be so instead an idea
which i’ve been thinking about a lot from reading atomic habits and a lot of other books and just
thinking about how i feel about things is be more process driven more habit-driven
think you know today i didn’t hit my goal where i want to be two years from now
three years from now but i did the things necessary to get to that goal
and when i think back to times in my life when i’ve been really successful at things you know i remember i was a
music major in college so i played saxophone all the time and i won concerto competitions i was
very successful at the saxophone because that was my everything i was obsessed with at the time i was only concerned about being
the best saxophone player i could possibly be i want to be the best in the school so i would be practicing four eight
hours a day on that and i remember loving the process just
loving going into the practice room every single day whether people knew i was practicing or
not i would just go in there and practice for hours and hours and hours
follow my chart follow my bullet bulleted list of things i had to do and if i got through that list that day i
felt great inside i felt peaceful it was just at ease i felt
like i was fulfilled i was completing my mission because my mission at that time was just to get really good at saxophone
i wanted to win certain competitions and even if i didn’t win the competitions as long as i was enjoying how i felt as i
was playing i felt good about myself at that time so i was enjoying the process
i was enjoying the daily work that happened and i think as you know you i could you can’t do
that forever this isn’t the 1920s where you know you can go to clubs and play in big bands and all that so whenever you
go on to new things when i go into new things for me personally you know i have to
think okay i want to get to this point i’m not there right now it’s okay
did i do the things today that got me to that point yes and the thing that’s tough it’s
tough for me stuff for a lot of people is whenever you see someone else doing what you want to do and they do it
faster than you because it gets it eats you on the inside like um
man that could why isn’t that why isn’t that me i’m doing what i should be doing why isn’t that me
but then i always come back to just my saxophone days you know i’d be in a practice room practicing by myself
and through the wall i could hear someone practicing and playing way better than me and i remember having those thoughts but
i got over those thoughts so for me and i have to get back to that maybe i could help some of you get get
out of that too i’d be in the practice room and i’d hear people practicing
you know showing off playing as high as they could as fast as they could as loud as they could and i’d be there just starting thinking man i am not that good
what am i doing wrong i am where i am right now not good they are where they are much better than
me and that disconnect in my brain caused so much pain
and eventually it comes down to you’re at different parts of your journey
you i was just starting i went to high school played saxon the marching band all that fun stuff
and then i went to college and i was just a little fish in a really big pond at high school i was the big dog but
didn’t mean anything when i went to college i was surrounded by people who were way better than i was
and then i would hear these people practicing they would all sound better than me and i had to come to grips with the fact
that i wasn’t that good and for me that’s just not okay with me that’s something that i practice my own
ego it’s my own issues something that i have to get over is when i am not the
best at something how do i handle that or if i’m not making the progress i want
to do how do i handle that and when i look back on those times you know i remember
the successes i remember the the the awards i remember winning the
competitions but i what i don’t remember as much was grinding it out
you know the times where i was doubting myself because i could look back on that time
and think well i was always confident i was always nailing it i was always
crushing it but that’s not true within those four and a half years i was a college learning saxophone there were
many times when you know i was like what am i doing and the more i thought about it i remember
like i remember specific times at like 2 30 a.m being in a practice room in my little dorm in the basement playing
saxophone trying to work on jazz improv and i was just making i was i was there for just three hours just
trying things experimenting with things reading books but not really understanding them just throwing mud at
the wall hoping something stuck couldn’t make sense of it but i just put myself there i was just
trying and trying and trying and i remember just going to sleep at night being like man i am so lost right
now but what i didn’t do was just completely quit i didn’t just stop everything
i kept on throwing myself into the situation and eventually
i got i got more guidance i got better guidance i just became used to it
i became more accustomed to that world of saxophone playing you know jazz playing
and the things that i was totally lost uncomfortable with and became a lot more comfortable with because i didn’t give up because i kept
on putting myself into the situation so even though there’s that temporary pain there’s that temporary discomfort
you can get through it as long as you keep on showing up and it’s the same thing with going to
the gym you know i go eve i go to the gym i go to this gym powerhouse there’s a lot of powerhouses
around the country so i go to this gym and you see bodybuilders there who are just massive people that are completely
ripped that are older than me younger than me and for me you know i just came off of a i’m
like nine months past the surgery but i’m taking so long recovery a lot longer than i thought it would be
i’m not physically where i was before it and where i want to be right now like yesterday i just went to the park
yesterday just to stretch my shoulder stretch my shoulder like 20 minutes and i can barely move it today just doing
that hurts like i’m nine months past the surgery i thought i’d be fine by now so you know the thought of going to the
gym and lifting heavy weights is like well am i going to even be able to do that so for me i know that’s going to be
a mentally a mental struggle that i want that i’m going to have to deal with because i want to look in the mirror and
i want to see big muscles i want to see you know i want to be ripped i want to be strong and i can control my diet i
can control that but in terms of you know lifting heavy weights over my head or bench pressing
or doing dumbbell presses probably not going to be able to do a lot of weight so i have to
accept that control what i can control and deal with my inner doubt inner demons to get past
that so it’s that struggle of where i am right now and where i want to be in that lag in
between how do i deal with that and basically when i’m what i’ve been
thinking about from reading and just pondering it is we have to focus on our daily tasks and
what we can control so what are the things you do every single day that are contributing and guiding your
ship now if you can continue to do those things you will be moving in the right
direction and it’s not like you know a salary at a job where it’s the exact same growth
if you continue to do good habit after good habit after good habit you will have exponential growth
because i know i’ve experienced it in various aspects of my life and i’m someone who likes to start a
bunch of new things i like to start which sometimes gets me in trouble but
what i need to start doing more of is when i start something new stick with it longer
you know don’t give up stick with it for a longer period of time you know saxophone was one of those
things i still play saxophone that’s just just a passionate love of mine and i kind of reached where i wanted to
get with that okay now i’m diving into other worlds for me it’s a lot of online business
things you know i’m trying to get really good at affiliate marketing and i’m blogging and
making a brand and all that kind of stuff and that’s a totally new world to me i didn’t know any of that you know i
started this kind of stuff a few years ago i i just dove in knew nothing and the more i get into it
the more i realized wow i don’t know but that’s not stopping me i’m still investing in tutors and guides
and mentors i’m still taking classes i’m still listening to people who know i’m still throwing stuff out there seeing what
sticks still trying things so it’s never going to stop me from
trying something new i’m always going to keep trying new things whether i know what i’m doing or not like we just got back from a vacation
we were fishing i never knew how to fish i did it in college a couple times with one of my roommates we went down to the
local river in youngstown and put some french fries on a hook and hunted for catfish in the lake or in the
river and i was just following his lead i didn’t
know what i was doing just doing exactly what he’s doing and then 15 years passed and i tried it again and
once again no idea what i was doing but i went to walmart grabbed a rod grabbed a hook grabbed some bait threw it in a
couple of times got better threw it threw it in a couple more times got better and then started fishing with my
buddy who does fish all the time he taught me the right way to do it so i had a week with him fishing learned
the skill because of his guidance and then we came back home took my son out to the lake and he
caught seven fish i caught two but we caught nine fish this morning
because i didn’t give up because i sought guidance threw myself into a situation that was new but now we have
the skill together now we can fish together now we can you know go in the mornings he woke me up at six
a.m this morning i told him i wanted to fish early but he was in my room dressed at 6 00 am with
and he said dad you ready to do it i was like dude what he said go fish he just had his shoes on had everything ready to go he’s
like there’s some big whoppers out there we got to get him i was like all right man let’s do it so before the sun came up we went out and for two hours caught
nine fish was pretty awesome don’t know exactly what they were they’re pretty small but
my eight-year-old son was convinced they’re a yellow perch so who knows but
threw myself into something i didn’t know and because i just let myself be
uncomfortable eventually figured it out and you don’t want to be in a situation forever
you know you don’t want to be uncomfortable and figuring things out for a year and then uncomfortable
figuring things out for another year like you do want to be making progress in one direction
like i have started multiple brands in my life um i started one
probably like six years ago called brains and brawn it’s kind of a rising father type of brand but i had no
idea what i was doing before i took any training before i had any mentors or guidance and any courses anything that
just started it started an instagram account brainsobran and i was posting you know pictures of
diy stuff that’s before they were instagram reels i was posting my projects i was doing
and people liked it but because i had no idea what i was doing you know i did it for probably five or six months kind of
went nowhere i was like what am i doing i’m just wasting my time i’ve got like 300 followers after six months
like i was spending like a couple hours a day on this and saying no to people and things that
mattered because of this project that i was working on that was getting me nowhere so i stopped at one
of my buddies we started a brand um it was called moms trust moms so we did
that and it was kind of like a an amazon type marketplace or etsy really for moms
and we did that we did that for a couple years but we learned and i learned a lot from that then we
gave that to someone else and started something else but all these things are kind of leading in a direction
you know you don’t have to stay and stick with something that’s not working for me a couple of those things
weren’t working but i learned a ton through them through the brains and brawn learned a
ton do their mom’s thing learn to time and then there was
a couple things we did after that helped my wife with her brand skincare brand and then there’s a couple other things i did but each one of those
learned more and more and more didn’t give up and transferred the skills to the next thing so took one skill
from one brand took it to the next skill and built that one and now we have rising father so we have a podcast
got social media everywhere we’ve got a blog website big facebook group community
and you know i have different affiliates that i work with we have a group that does digital income can teach
you how to make money online we’ve got different fitness coaches we can connect you with so
everything is building towards one direction and that is me diving into the space of
the online business world where six five six years ago i had no idea what i was doing but i just kind of dove into the
lake with no equipment no safety gear on and said let’s see what happens because i knew that you know i do want to be
financially free i want to be you know i want to have the flexibility to do what i
want to do to spend my time how i want to do it so for me it’s important to dive into
this world whether i know what’s going on or not whether i lose some money on some ventures or risks which i have done
lost thousands of dollars on things that i tried and didn’t work out but i’ve made much more than i’ve lost because i
haven’t given up you know if i lost two thousand dollars doing something and then quit after that then i’d be down
two thousand dollars but i kept on learning kept on finding people who knew more than me and they could say hey no
don’t do that do this because i’ve done it before because i made the mistakes
and then save me the trip that’s one thing about getting coaches guides they save you
a lot of wasted time and a lot of wasted money because they tell you what mistakes they made then you don’t have
to make those mistakes same thing with my kids like we were on vacation and some of the kids were acting crazy
and they just weren’t listening i said don’t do this because if you do this is
going to happen they were going to hurt each other like physically doing something i told them like five times
and eventually i just told my my buddy said well they’re just gonna have to learn the hard way you know they’re if they’re not
listening to the words i’m saying they’re gonna have to have a physical consequence that teaches them the hard
lesson and it happened this kid slipped hit his head on the ground not you know not bad injury or anything
he just got a little bruise got up and then guess what rest of the week didn’t do that one thing he had to learn the
hard lesson because he wouldn’t listen to the words and that’s the same thing for
if you choose to go it alone or get some help it’s you can either listen to someone’s
words or you can learn the hard lesson you can smack your head off the ground
some people they start that journey too late you know if you’re starting that journey when you’re
75 years old you don’t have as much time as someone who’s starting when they’re 30 40.
you know you have to think where am i in my life do i have the time
to take 10 years making mistakes so i can learn something or they want to find someone who’s done it
that can show me like a six-month path to do something it could be fitness could be business it could be your
relationship especially for those of us who have you know relationship issues if you’re
someone’s going through divorce or want to save your marriage or have
you know really critical issues with your children that you need to solve
you know you can think man i can just when you have no models no examples to model after you’re kind
of screwed a little bit because you don’t know what to do you’ve never seen a good
model those of us who have good parents can look on that can say i liked that i
didn’t like that i like that i didn’t like that take what we know and apply it to our families
and then that’s why it’s good to have a lot of good friends mentors guides you can take what they know and apply to
your own life so if you’ve never had a good example of you know a father of
a good relationship between husband and wife you’re kind of in the dark a little bit and then that’s when you have to reach
out to people and see where the good models are and apply those things to your own life
all these things contribute to guys giving up the guy’s stopping the
guy’s getting discouraged it happens happens to me i’ve you have stopped things i wish i
wouldn’t have stopped i had before covid i had a
business going with real estate lead gen i still have it i still do things
for realtors for lawyers for in the agency world it was growing growing really really fast
i was tripling my nine to five salary my covet hit i lost every single client
okay we had we had people paying us thousands of dollars a month went to zero okay it was a huge massive hit for me
and what i did was i transitioned to something else but
i also knew someone who was in the same business as me who didn’t transition and did continue
with it and now they’ve just become completely blown up and i’m
you know part of me is happy i transitioned because now i’m in a more meaningful work
but you know there’s also the other parts like hey if you would have continued with that you would have this you know huge agency
huge business but there’s massive headaches that come along with having an agency and having
clients such as you know people calling you at all hours a day thinking because they
pay you they own you and non-stop emails and hr and lawyers
and it’s a having a business is not like a legit business where you’re providing a service comes with a lot of
headaches and those of you who have it know it if you’re doing a service business where someone’s paying you a lot of money it
can come with a lot more headaches because they think that they kind of own you a little bit
so i’m in a more than not i’m happy that we transitioned away from that
but i did stop that because i went from extreme growth to nothing because all
these realtors weren’t able to practice real estate if you remember at the beginning of kovid
like 2020 in march there were laws that came out they said realtors are not allowed to do anything
they said that it wasn’t a central business so realtors can’t work so all of our clients are like well why
are we paying you i’m not going to pay you now i was like well yeah you shouldn’t pay me because we can’t do anything
so for three or four months we had zero income coming in from that
and we lost every single client and we decided hey let’s pivot to something else to brand
building to blog building to creating some more of a digital asset that can grow
whether we have clients or not that’s a great thing about having a website having about having a blog
um having instagram accounts tic tac youtube channels they can grow as long as you’re putting
content high quality content out there they just continue to grow and i don’t have to worry about this one client
being happy or getting emails from something you know if you have a there’s websites out
there that get 20 50 million hits a month the big ones and they’re making millions of dollars a
month just off of people coming to their website ordering things and they don’t know when people order things just
happens you know that’s that’s the world i want to be in that’s the world i am in i’m not at 50 million hits a month yet
but that’s what i’m going to i’m researching and paying for courses and people to tell me
how to get there so that i can get there i want to be at the spot where you know i can be
at a cabin with my family with no reception and then i come back at the end of the week i say oh look we made we
made five grand yesterday because a bunch of people went to my website and clicked on something that’s the world i’m going to that’s the world i’m in
um it’s the world i want to be in so it takes longer to build that
for all the different facets that i’m in than you know getting clients but when it pays off pays off huge so like i
said it’s exponential growth it’s not slow growth but enough about me
these things cause people to quit so you might not be in the business world that’s fine i’m just telling you my
personal story but i’m also in the physical world physical journey trying to get in shape me and my son did a 25 hour fast
yesterday it wasn’t my idea it’s his idea he’s eight so he we were watching this strength
camp video on youtube awesome channel and they were talking about high intensity training which i’ve been doing
because you work out upper body like once a week lower body once a week
and you do one set to absolute failure and not like failure failure like you’re
used to failure like you’re screaming in pain and it’s just really really slow motions
so my buddy introduced me to that it’s nothing but having friends who actually know things he introduced me to this sent me some
videos i started doing it for the past couple weeks and just love it less time in the gym more intense and
i’ve got a the biggest pump i’ve ever had after this workout and i’m sore for more days than i was before
so i do this high density training so we’re watching this video and the guy was
talking about how he fasted from monday through wednesday so he fasts monday through wednesday and
then he worked out on thursday and then nathan was watching it with me and he said dad we should fast tomorrow like
are you sure it’s like yeah let’s do a let’s do a whole day fast i was like man it’s going
to be tough you don’t know how rough it’s going to be because i mean most people
get a little cranky when they skip one meal said you’re going to be skipping three meals or two meals
he’s like yeah let’s do it i said okay so we did we went from uh yesterday
or two days ago dinner ate dinner and then went straight through skipped had
no snacks skipped breakfast skipped lunch and then at dinner time he had kids crossfit so he went to crossfit
and then we had dinner after that so we made it like 25 and a half hours and then i did the same thing
and he was fine for most of it until like three hours before the end and he was freaking out and i was out golfing
and my wife sent me a video of him just in the kitchen like screaming that he wanted food
but he just conned himself down lasted three more hours and that was fine
so he did it he was extremely happy he should have seen him eaten whenever he was done just shoving food in his mouth
but whether that’s you know gave him some health benefit or not i don’t know
but the more important thing for me is that he now knows he can do that he now knows he has it within him to do
a 24-25 hour fast he knows that if he
is in a weight situation in the future that’s a tool he can use that is a common tool people use to lose weight is
fasting i do it many many many health pros do that as well it’s just simple
you want to lose weight don’t put so much food in your mouth you want to you want to cut some pounds don’t eat
it’s fine people go on there’s a guy in a rising father groups he does seven day fasts and he was documenting it and
showed us how he felt every single day he’s perfectly fine longest i’ve done is 52 hours
so a little over two days that was my breaking point i’m gonna do longer than that but i gotta work myself
back up to it right after vacation when you’re overeating and over drinking fasting is tough
i never feel more hungry than when i eat more like if i eat really late into the night
and snack then immediately as soon as i wake up i’m hungry but if i finish eating at like 5 p.m
i’m not hungry the next morning it’s weird like the more i eat the hungrier i am the less i eat
i’m fine what i really want to go back to is kind of like a one meal a day thing i did that for
about a month right leading up to vacation i felt great i was losing weight but still had tons
of energy doing jiu jitsu once or twice a day working out and to get through all of it with one
meal a day i was eating like mostly meat and fruit great diet great working out and then i went went
to vacation enjoyed myself it took me like three days to lose all my vacation
weight so i was fine with that you know i’m not against um indulging a little bit when you’re on
vacation it’s because because i know how to lose it i gained eight pounds over like nine
days which is a lot but took me three days to lose it because i did just basic not even
intense i just did like a 16 hour intermittent fasting each day and that this was lost eight pounds before my 24
hour fast i started i went back to jiu jitsu every day i went twice a day once and i was
doing some leg workouts i’m doing the knees over toes program athletic truth group i’ve been doing
that so working out doing jujitsu eating better took me three days to lose those eight pounds and i’m back to where i was
so i’m fine with that and i just got to keep on doing that keep on working out to get to where i want to be but it
wasn’t a big deal and back to my son i’m just happy that now he knows he has
that weapon in his bag if he needs to fast he can do it
it’s good to look be able to look back on memories of things that you have accomplished to say
that’s possible for me because otherwise you’re in that tricky scenario where
you’re imagining things you’re making things up which i’m not totally against if that can get you to do a real thing
go for it but it’s more powerful if you can look back on something you’ve actually done
like he also him and my daughter for the very first time
when we were on vacation went up to sing karaoke at a bar we went to a like a seaside
restaurant really nice place right on the bay and they had to carry a karaoke night
and my daughter went up first she’s saying she’s only six years old and she’s saying in front of
you know 100 people that she didn’t know saying some song from sing with my wife
and did an amazing job son went up with me saying kiss by rose in front of everyone
did an amazing job he was standing there on the stage and just totally
confident nervous at times but then he got over it looking at me and we had an awesome moment
but leading up to that it was two hours before he was he was able to sing me my wife and my daughter
all sang within the first like 10 minutes and then because of his placement of the name they didn’t call him up for two
hours so he was sitting at the table just kind of scared anxious and nervous for
two hours and then i kept on checking in with him i was like you still want to do this right you still want to do this
he’s like yeah yeah i want to do it i do it i was like you don’t have to man it’s not a big deal you don’t have to sing karaoke
he said no i want to do it i’m going to sing it so it took him two hours kind of anxiously eating his food
before they called his name he went up there i went up there to sing with him and set a great experience when he was
done he was just so confident and happy and fulfilled the rest of the night really the rest of the week and when i
talk to him about his best moments the vacation he says that that’s it that’s one of them whenever he went up there
and overcame his fear so he now has you know within the last
um week last two weeks these multiple experiences of doing things for the
first time overcoming things and putting himself in situations where he
is where he is he sees something he’s never done before he tries it and accomplished it
so now when it comes time for him to try the next new thing he can look back on these real moments and say
i can do that i’m not totally stepping into the void i because i’ve done these things before
i can use my past experiences to help me do the current ones i have that confidence that when i try
something new i can do it so every one of us has
things that we’ve overcome and if you’re thinking they’re listening and thinking no i don’t
then start looking through old photos that’ll pop up memories in your head start talking to old friends that’ll pop up
memories you have overcome something you have been great at something you just need to
remember what it is it might not be a huge grand thing you know we’re not all elon musk or michael phelps
but use the little things to build towards the next thing and that’ll help you not
give up your current situation because in the past there have been situations where you haven’t given up
and if you absolutely can’t think of anything then i’m okay with
you telling yourself doing positive affirmations or telling yourself
i can overcome anything because in reality you can maybe you just haven’t done it yet
and maybe you start with something small so that you can look back on that and say hey i did like maybe for you doing a
16 hour fast is the most you’ve ever fasted so you’re skipping like one meal you go from
eight o’clock to what is it 12 o’clock the next day to do that then you can say i fasted
because you did for 16 hours all right that’s fine because they i fasted for 16 hours and then the next
week you do one for 18 hours next week you do one for 20 hours and then after a month you could do a whole
day fast and during that whole day fast you lose two pounds and you use that for the net
for your new health regimen now you’re someone who fasted because you started with something small and you
can look back on these memories guess what now you are someone who fasts now you are someone who’s getting in shape
so create experiences for yourself that you can win that you can conquer
that you can look back on take on as your identity and then when you become the kind of person who does these things
then those things can happen
another another way to help you not give up is to stay focused it happens to all of us happens to me
you’re working on one thing and you see someone doing something else and you say i should do that
happens to everyone social media is the ultimate culprit and one of the
reasons one of the things i contribute to my success at saxophone and other
things early on is i didn’t have a phone or i didn’t have social media i wasn’t
scrolling to see what other people were doing because who knows maybe when i was in those practice rooms practicing for
hours and hours on my one thing that i wanted to do maybe i would have seen a video of a
friend of mine doing something else i thought oh i should be doing that i should do that he’s getting success
over there so i should do that and do his thing you know stop doing the thing that i’m doing and do his thing
so then i’m number two at him you know not number one at me and that’s the thing we got to think
what is my thing what do i want to do and do that put 100 into that
because whenever you start looking at other people and you you’re building a business in one area
so you said all right i’m going to dive in i’m going to build a brand i’m going to build a golf brand you start an instagram account
for a golf brand you’re working hard for two months and then you see a hunting account
that’s taking off they just started two weeks ago they’ve got more followers than you and then you start a hunting account
so your golf brand sits there and you start a hunting account and then two months go by you less followers than your golf brand
that hunting account is huge but you’re struggling now because you’re not really a hunter and then you see this guy doing a
fatherhood account they’ve got a huge following i think man i i’m four months behind now but if i
started a follower a fatherhood account i’d be good to go so then you start a fatherhood account but you’re not really
passionate about helping other fathers and then you know a year goes by
and you think man i should have just stuck with that golf account because i like golfing i love golfing i’d love to help people golf better
that that happens you know you you stop doing your thing because you get distracted because other
people get successful and you’d rather be you don’t realize this but you’d rather be number two at that person the number
one at you or someone tries to sell you something to get you to do something else which can also happen
you could be doing one thing and someone says hey this works
if you pay for it and you do that one thing that stopped you from doing your thing
and now you’re doing two things or three things that don’t work
and that happens you just get distracted okay you go in multiple directions stay
focused think who am i what am i passionate about what do i want to do
and then stick with that one thing until you’ve put time in until you’ve
committed to it until you’ve invested in it and if you haven’t started your one thing it’s okay to buy into things it’s
okay to invest in things it’s okay to start something i’m not against people selling things at
all i sell things i like to sell people things that change their life
i’m happy about that you know through rising father i
connect people with coaches and programs that change their life
and yeah i am very happy connecting those two things together i’d much rather do that
than you know be selling be on some infomercial selling you know cookware or the latest ab thing
if you want to grow any type of business you have to be okay selling so
don’t get distracted with little things you see with people making
fast progress it happens to all of us it’s going to happen to you
keep your head down think what am i passionate about what makes me feel good what’s going to make
me keep coming back and then dive into that and guess what
there’s going to be times when you’re not passionate about the thing you’re doing it doesn’t mean you quit
that doesn’t mean you stop that means you keep on showing up okay you keep on showing up to the thing that
you want to accomplish and i’ll talk more about that on another podcast
so when you decide to start something big that’s step one
that’s the big moment that’s the biggest hurdle deciding that you’re someone who is
going to start something big if you’ve gone to that point congrats that’s excellent
then the journey begins that’s when you’re attacked by
all kind of doubt by negative thoughts by even friends and family throwing
things your way giving you more doubt when you’ve made the decision to begin
that’s when you’ve got to put your armor on okay and have laser vision and say
this is what i want to do i am going to be focused i’m going to seek guidance
i’m going to get my family on board i’m going to make a schedule
i’m going to experience doubt you’re going just expect that
and then you might have a higher likelihood of not quitting once you start of
following the things through no matter what it is whether it’s building a business or losing weight or improving
your relationships whatever it is know that after you begin
you will be tested people will try to tear you down the worst person that’s going to try to tear
you down is your own head expect it and then be at peace with it
if you try to fight it really really hard you’re punishing yourself twice
don’t be upset when you have these feelings you have to just accept it
because if you’re upset that you’re getting upset you’re hitting yourself twice in the head
get upset it’s okay you see this person just started a month ago they’re already past you
feel that feeling feel the jealousy feel the anger at yourself
and then let it pass because it’s going to happen but if you can get used to dealing with
these things that are going to happen to you then you’ve dealt with the worst of it
then you know that when it comes again you can deal with it

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