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#10 Girls Get Away With Everything With Nathan Rodack


Podcast #10 Girls Get Away With Everything With Nathan Rodack


My 8 year old son Nathan joins me on this episode to talk girl problems, jiu jitsu tournaments, business ideas, WWE, ghost crab hunting, and for most of the time makes fun of me!


and who vote girls get when they do something bad they don’t get in trouble for it
is that what it seems like it seemed like that girls don’t get in trouble you see how people girls do it what do
you mean this girl mind school she gets she just she does really bad stuff and
she just because she’s a girl her sweetness she makes it nap and boom
she doesn’t get in trouble yeah give me an example what did she do
like cuts in line and stuff and she you’re not supposed to
and she doesn’t get in trouble in control for it attack man but you do get in trouble i just can’t travel for
if i did that if you do that you get trouble yeah do you cut in line
uh no never ever once in your life you’re cutting mine
yeah all right that’s acceptable because we had to go somewhere really fast
you know so you’re saying girls get away with it because they’re cute and sweet yeah tony
like a launching i bet she can get away with a lot of stuff why what do you think his cuties
look at her puppy eyes [Music]
make you say yes to everything i do oh oh i see you look at her eyes i asked
for pizza norm did this see pizza you’re like fine
remember a costco no [Music]
so welcome everyone this is the rising father podcast special episode we’ve got our first in studio guest who’s the
guest me nathan rodak my son he is an all-star jiu-jitsu champion
he’s a break dancing champion and he’s an excellent basketball player i’m going to talk to nathan today about
some of his adventures we’ll make some tick
makes him fierce and strong and maybe we can learn something from it maybe you can teach yourself something
nathan first question for you tell me about
your your roles today because we both came from jiu jitsu right and then just keep that right here
uh who’d you roll with today don’t don’t tell me their names but tell me about
tell me about your roles of jiu-jitsu big guy that was like 13 and i beat him
he was a little heavier than you right it was like 200 pounds hold that right there
he wasn’t 200 pounds he’s probably like 150 maybe 140.
how much do you weigh uh 75 or 76.
75 76 yeah we got to be 75 for our tournament right we have a tournament coming up and how
many weeks two two weeks and
what’s your goal for this tournament uh taking some butt
you want to get a medal what medal do you want to get have you ever gotten a gold before yes
did you get a gold your very first tournament nope how many times did it take you uh two
yes two tell me about getting the gold what was that like it was
it was kind of like losing to good and gold’s good but like
losing like i only had to go against one the same kid two times and i won against him
two times [Music] and
it it was pretty when i lose my tournaments i learned
what to do the next time ah i learned how to do it next time then i
practice that and i get better so i can get a new so i can get
like a um a medal or third place or second place
just keep holding it just like that there you go good so your very first tournament didn’t get a medal right now
did you quit jiu jitsu after that no no why didn’t you quit because
you you after um you
just right like that dude like when you do you get to you learn
experience for your um to do you get to sell when you um
when you like go on a tournament you lose you you you learn from that so you can
so you can practice that move that that guy or a girl was trying to do on you you’re very at the first tournament your
very first match did you win or did you lose yes and then what happened after you lost
i kept going did we work on stuff after you lost yes is that
okay yeah and then you what happened to the second match your very first tournament i won you won and then third match
lost fourth match didn’t you win your third match you lost
one and then one your next two then lost the fourth one on the third one i got
i got um third place two third places yeah in your third tournament
that’s right what was it like your very first tournament well scary
yeah still did it though yeah because who cares right what do you what do you want to be
whenever you’re my age whenever you’re an old person whenever you’re an old man
um first i want to take over you want to take over me
for what you want to take it over
what are you going to do with it i’m gonna make money online like you do
that’s funny we’ll see about that we’ll see how you do
um all right so i was talking to you today about the
number one thing that you’re proud of in your life and what is that
what’s the number one thing you’re proud of jiu-jitsu being good at jiu-jitsu
why why jiu jitsu because first of all it helps your body exercise
second of all it it helps it helps you do some technique
and defend yourself like someone trying to hurt you or anything you can defend
yourself yeah so you could you could mess some people up if you wanted to yeah except
for me can’t mess me up well you bet i could that’s how i messed up your shoulder
what do you think you messed up my shoulder how’d my shoulder get messed up
first of all did arm ball obviously you did an arm bar to me that’s how my shoulders messed up yeah i didn’t know
that so i had to get shoulder surgery because you messed up my arm yeah interesting
last time he wrote i don’t think that’s what happened oh you’re coming on
last time we roll i remember my knee in your belly going to mount cross collar choke
dominating oh i remember last time um when i did the um weird naked choke on you and
you’re screaming well you’ve got a tight rear naked choke i could pass out
you know you’re pretty dangerous all right so let’s talk about wwe
my favorite subject you don’t even like it but i like it the most wwe wrestling
wwe wrestling it’s my favorite you don’t even like it i love it i’m
just kidding who’s your favorite wrestler um stone cold steve austin and
undertaker and brock lesnar there are some good ones so cold steve
austin is my favorite back in the day he he drunk some beer and smith
yes yes he did they call him austin 316. did you know that
his his signature move is the stone cold stunner that’s true what else can you tell me about
wrestling back in the day first of all i know you’re old
second of all how old am i do you know tonight
i think you look like you’re 68 68. okay i look pretty good for a 68 year old
that should be 44. 34 that’s right and you look like you’re
34 years old too little 34 year old man
[Music] yeah so we went to uh
wwe downtown right in pittsburgh yep two times two times and who was there what
wrestler was there roman reigns
and um john cena and a other guy that was screaming
what’s his name my first one he was he was like a red guy he was like ah but you should like
getting him oh yeah he was nuts i forget his name though yeah it was fun
though on the second one we saw a ultimate tag team on one and they
solved roman reigns and
brock lesnar and they never fighted before because they just smack talk
dumb yeah and then next weekend was wrestlemania yeah and we did we see that
no we didn’t it’s okay we’ll watch some of it at some point what else do you do for fun nathan
i build legos nice i
make fart sounds like this awesome
and i make jokes tell me a joke knock knock who’s there butter
butter what butter who more regret i go go to the bathroom
how do you feel about tacos in my mind delicious
tell me another joke knock knock who’s there
don’t cry excellent thank you all right let’s talk about
what else do that’s physical makes you strong basketball basketball
[Music] crossfit you do crossfit do you like
crossfit what kind of stuff do you do a crossfit we do deadlifts we do sit ups we do
burpees we do pull-ups we do all kinds of stuff
any stronger than mom where’s mom stronger than you
i was able to say you’re the same okay i think mom can dead lift over 200
pounds now can you deadlift over 200 pounds yeah yeah okay cool 400 400 pounds all right
let’s go back to uh the tournament that you won
okay i’m gonna keep talking about that because that’s pretty cool no i actually want to talk about
the tournament you didn’t win your first one a lot of kids would have
quit yeah but you did it one of the kids
he lost every match and he cried yeah but he kept going which was good yeah
right he kept going but yeah he kept on crying when he lost why is that not a good thing
because you still have matches left you don’t know if you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose yeah
what is a better way if you lose a match it’s really really upset about it what’s the
better thing to do you just say like oh i lost i’ll just try another time to get
better yeah just try again right yeah are you gonna win every single time
and just hold it just like this you win every single time no
is it okay if you lose sometimes yes what happens when you lose bam
exactly because whenever you lose sometimes you learn like how are you ever going to
learn what to improve if you don’t lose you know like if you won every single one of
your first matches would you be as good as you are right now
no if you won every tournament would you be as good as you are right now no
you happy you lost some yeah no are you gonna lose some more yeah is that okay
yeah you’re gonna quit you win you learn boom you win or you learn that’s right
mr liu i love it the jiu jitsu motto you win or you
learn so yeah take a drink relax take a load off
good hey nice shirt by the way look good in that shirt
that’s right discount code nathan rodak yeah that’s pay me 50 bucks for 12
50 bucks for 12 of those yeah i think i’m getting ripped off more expensive than that boy
12 of those shirts me more than 50 dollars 200 200
maybe it’d be about breaking even never we’ll see
so what are you looking forward to most in the summer what’s your favorite thing in the summer to do but i couldn’t hear you because the
microphone wasn’t freaking to go to maryland there we go what do we do in maryland we’re gonna get our own private
beach yeah hanging out with some friends go swimming
have some bonfires kill fish with what
i didn’t know we were spear fishing oh we’re going ghost crab hunting ghost crab hunting yeah we could do that with
our headlamps we did it last time at uh what beach the one that had like
the the one that has like the blue thing on it that blue light like uh
yeah the golden brook light the black light you could see through the ghost crabs [Music]
that’s true we should have had the black light last time we went to myrtle beach somewhere with all of my
family so there was like 35 of us and we went late at night on this pitch blackout put some headlamps on this guy
he was borned up with a total of all the kids he hit nine
yeah nine yeah nine kids in my family yeah that’s right
but we go out late at night with some flashlights in a bucket and nuts and we go ghost crab hunting so there’s like
little crabs running on the beach yeah and they try to pinch your toes
[Music] they were mating yeah
do you know what mating means what sure yeah and
yeah they were kissing and then we try to catch the crabs and put see how many we could put in the bucket and it was really scary because
yeah we’d get like 20 crabs in the bucket and then they would try to jump out and then they’d have these pinchers and they
were like fast as like a ferrari as soon as you tip the bucket over they go and jump towards your toes and they try
to pinch your toes and they pinched my tummy and they had blood really
um yeah yeah totally so you dump the bucket over these crabs and go
screaming and running and all over the door but then you’d turn off your lights so they would run over people’s they’re screaming
and then a little crab screams okay yeah and then they would go run around the beach and try to run at your toes
they’d run into the water and if you had a flashlight on you turn the flashlights off so that you could freak everyone out
but yes in maryland whenever we go there this summer we’ll get those headlamps on put
the blacklight setting on go ghost crab hunting a fun fact about a
ghost crab a ghost crab is actually nocturnal
that is a fun fact and a true fact where’d you learn that uh
they since they come out night i bet they’re not first your deduction is wise and correct
we’re called ghost crabs so we’re good yeah they come out at night were you there with us the one night we
saw that creepy guy walking around by himself
i was scared yeah we were he didn’t even have a flashlight on he was just walking around midnight on the beach with no light on
we’re just walking with like a coat on like not even a coat no shirt
wait what yeah he had no shirt on just walking through it and we could see barely it’s like
just a black thing moving yeah it was really creepy
when i was a kid i grew up in i had eight brothers and sisters and
in a uh in a house in rome pittsburgh pennsylvania and four of my sisters lived in the bedroom
by themselves so at one point i took a teddy bear tied it to the end of a pole skimmer
and put it two stories up and was just banging the teddy bear on the window
i actually think it was a cabbage patch doll i think it was a cabbage creepy cabbage patch doll so they were looking at their two-story window and there was
like a cabbage patch dog just like banging against the window and they just the most scared i’ve ever seen everyone
in my life aunt sarah and all of them they freaked out screamed
ran downstairs and they were very mad grandma was mad too yeah
but i was no one laughed but me why did your brothers laugh did your brother say
yeah i don’t know how many of them were home i left but they were extremely scared screaming
running up and down i think uncle ben was probably scared too what did what did uncle what did you do
to your cousin i mean your um um brother
your brothers for a prank um i did the same thing to uncle john
bunk bed yeah he was a teddy bear he slept above me so this is when we were like you know 10
and 12. i would take a teddy bear and no pool stick just in my hand like in
the middle of the night he always had the upper bunk so i would put it up next to him so he would just be half asleep
look out you see this teddy bear just like floating outside his bed one time he
screamed and fell off the top bunk and then he got hurt no
he’s mad i think he punched me another time i scared him um i think it was jean we watched a
scary movie called the ring in our basement oh i love that movie you’ve never seen it
me him and i think aunt sarah watched the ring probably uncle ben
super scary movie so i walked out of the house i came to the
front and then i started scraping no i started scraping my nail
on the window like this it was making a creepy sound i was just watching them down the basement
looking around and i did that for like five minutes and i went to the front door i was scraping my nails on the
front door and then uncle john ripped open the door and just punched through the screen his
fist came like this from my nose
no the screen he punched through a screen like a screen door i bet that his parents were so mad at him
um i think you’re mad at me scaring him
all right so yeah that’s why i did that as a kid one thing we also used to like to do is go out at the middle of the
night and just run around our neighborhood yeah with the neighborhood we would go
out like eight nine o’clocks on summer nights and as soon as all the lights went off
no one had cell phones back then you’d get up and you’d run around the neighborhood all around far away from
the house you’d play a game called release
you have teams it’d be like 10 15 people on a team everyone neighborhood and you’d go run around the neighborhood and
you just try to basically tag people bring them back to your jail and then people from the other team would have to release them kind of
capture the flag i remember one time i got yelled at because i was i was the youngest kid playing
it was like one of my first times playing and i had sneakers that had lights on them that lit up and we were playing release
and everyone kept on catching me because my sneakers were lighting up with with big big flashing red lights
so my team captain told me i couldn’t play anymore why because i had
because my sneakers lit up and everyone could find me you were older were you the team captain
i don’t think i ever got to be team captain i think we kind of just stopped playing everyone all the older kids moved out
and then we were the older kids and we played basketball all the time like when i was one of the older kids we i just
played basketball for hours and hours and we’d play basketball and then we’d
go to mcdonald’s and eat like 10 cheeseburgers
it is it was gross but i had we would we played basketball for like three four hours until we were
almost dead until you vomited yeah and then we go to mcdonald’s
and then i would get like two double cheeseburgers two mcchickens a milkshake a large fry 20-piece chicken
nugget and i would eat all that myself as a teenager
snobby was a snobby you look like you remind me of this new
show that’s called super pup
this guy he gets magic power for no reason because
he really wants it so he gets not powers you’re like boogers oh snotty snotty
snobby he gets boogers all over he’s like a snotty teenager like boogers all over his face
his powers he blows with one nose hole a giant booger and then throws at people
you see that’s what i was like yeah i thought you’d look like that actually i was i was pretty cool
i was the coolest kid in school okay tell me more okay
no i mean i’d rather be snotty than snobby snob snob snotty so you got boogers
coming out of your nose snobby is whenever you’re like you know
high class like it’s like saying like oh i’m a fancy
person yeah it’s like fancy jingling with money exactly that’s snobby
i think it’s snobby um yeah shaw’s probably snotty but it’s not coming out of my nose it
could happen you got snot coming out of your nose sometimes
sometimes it happens so what do you think about
i wanna i’m gonna ask you this and you have to answer it okay
ready have you ever did a backflip on a trampoline
yes have you just do a double backflip i have have you
yes um
backflip of course no i haven’t i’ve done a backflip that’s it i did a call
for backflip once yeah i don’t think that’s true quadruple it’s four flips in the air
yeah you go fast like on the giant it means you’re in the air for like 10 seconds
so you jumped so high you like hit the ceiling okay
or did you jump once try to do one backflip and fall on your
face all right i did a back flip two back flips in the
air before two backflips it’s easy it’s gotta like on the side there’s like side
trampolines so i climbed up that one and then i did it and i jumped off it and did
the backflip in the air okay that’s right my face after
well the one time it no that’s what at urban air trampoline park i remember trying to do something and
then i landed on my head and then i got a stiff neck it’s an old problem like i got
um kind of no mine was like i couldn’t move my head for like two days because i did that the
trampoline thing i jumped and i landed on my head and then it was a good i couldn’t and then one time in college
i was doing these crazy exercises called like hindu push-ups and hindu squats and all kind of stuff
i was doing a back bend on my uh floor where i was like my head would go on the floor and i would see
how far i wish i was i wish i never stopped doing that because i was so flexible but i would try to put my chest
up against the wall with my head on the ground and i was doing i was pushing so hard that my neck got i screwed my neck up
and in for like two weeks i couldn’t move my neck at all no not crutches but i could i couldn’t
i did i turned like this i was turning like this everywhere no you just had your normal neck you um
did it and then you just you went to school like it but you didn’t go to school no i went to
my college classes yeah you went to your college classes you like you need a little help
with stuff yeah so um you went to school with a screwed up
neck and
just did school that’s pretty impressive thanks thanks
so i want to talk to you about the time you got punched in the face
so i’ve never been punched in the face before but you were
why’d you get punched in the face because this kid didn’t know didn’t know what i didn’t know how to um
no why did you get punched in the face because why did he punch you i scored thousands of soccer goals thousands
really thousands really ten okay nine that’s all
okay and then nine soccer goals here’s the goalie he got like really mad because he wasn’t winning
he like smacked me like back shoulder face enough i mean punch me in the eye
yeah for like two days i couldn’t um like
move my eye like like like move like now you can like like um like do like
bend your eyes down like this i can’t do that at all because he punched me i remember you had a black eye
so he punched you because you were scoring too many goals at soccer what did you do after he punched you
i i told the teacher and i went to nurse i
you could you do jiu jitsu right yeah you studied mma right so you’ve been studying martial arts for
four years now no yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah you’re with mr smith for two years and then
now you’re with mr rodrigo for two years you and um
yeah it’s been like four years total you’ve been studying how to fight and defend yourself so he punched you in the face how can
you defend yourself and hit him back what stopped you from fighting him
what stopped you from fighting i didn’t want to hurt him because he doesn’t know how to
like do like technique and fight people
that’s why so you’re just afraid you would have hurt him yeah i would have hurt him really bad he
would have a hospital or something yeah
well that was nice of you because you could have right yeah i could like break his neck or
try to if i did like a choke on him with a certain choke he would have got like he would have got like
his neck would have been screwed up for like weeks yeah which what choke do you know how to
do um cross collar choke
um can opener okay
wait what’s that one it’s like a one from behind
anaconda the anaconda armbar can’t really choke but it’s the mission
yeah well the point is is that if it came down to it you had to defend
yourself you could yeah right but you weren’t in any danger because
he is he he was so much less dangerous than you so you weren’t in any danger so you didn’t have to yeah
because i did it before yeah like why why get yourself in trouble why hurt him
if all of you have to do like even even if he tried to punch you again all you’d have to do is
you could even just do the arm drag and get him hold him down take his back and just hold him down until someone comes right
if you know what to do sometimes you only have to do it you know like if you know how to hold
someone in side control with your shoulder in their face and they can’t move yeah you don’t have to choke them
you could just hold them like if you ever get in a fight sometime you don’t have to submit them you don’t have to break his arm you can just hold
someone there until someone comes right yeah or you can just make him painful for him
he would have to go to the nurse for like two times at the day
like you like do uh a um
like you get like put go inside control put your shoulder here i got like he would have had to get
like two ice packers packs on his neck yeah so you could do that if you wanted
to yeah but it’s important to know who to do it to and who not to do it too you did a really
good job being mature and deciding what to do in that situation
that he gets to since i’m like they’re like like 13 year olds or like
12 year olds hold that right they think i’m gonna like i’m not like good at it like i’m like little but
they try to go easy on me they get killed
because seriously i go against 13 year olds sometimes and 12
11. and then they get their butt kicked by me
all right well you got a tournament coming up right
tournament coming up in a couple weeks in cleveland what’s your goal for the tournament
keep holding this up buddy kick some butt kick some butt what do you what’s more important do you want to get
a medal or do you want to fix the things you did from last tournament
and what do you want to fix getting out of sign control when you’re
holding it like tight and heavy yeah and how to get out of the arm bar
oh yes we need to go over that i’ll make sure we do that how to get out of the armbar
there’s a really simple thing you can do i’ll show it to you okay we’ll go over how to do that but now you
know how many sweeps do you know i don’t remember there’s pretty much love
you know scissor sweep uh no passes um scissor sweep
hip bump sweep and butterfly butterfly sweep yep it’s
probably three yeah or three right now good my most common one is the
um scissor sweep yeah scissor sweep’s awesome cool man first move i ever learned is a
scissor sweep yeah yeah and you got really good at it because we like took extra time and
practiced it you only started getting good at it once you started practicing it you know
like before you were decent at it but as soon as you started practicing it yeah
you just picked your nose that’s whenever you get good at it know what i mean
all right i scratched i didn’t pick my nails to give a little scratch excuses
sometimes it’s itchy just get a little scratch that happens sometimes yes
you’re getting tired no never in my life talk to me about
how people how businesses make money because you’re kind of like a business expert
so i’m reinforced questions tell me about how
all right all right go tell me you know how you made that lawnmower video of you like um blowing
all those leaves away and stuff yeah then you you use those products and tell
people to buy them and then that store gets people to buy them and
then the people that buy them you get the money yeah
what’s that called that’s called
life life i like it so what’s a way
if you needed to make money how could you what would you tell someone to do how could they do it
um just tell them to um buy something at the store okay
and put it on video okay or something to buy some at the store make a video of it or
like real like a real on instagram real facebook okay then what and then
people look at that when you make a video of that they’re like oh maybe i should buy that and then
go at that store and buy it and then you get the money for getting it
how do i get money because you’re the one you’re the one that made the people come
to the store so this so so what
so explain that to me oh guys did you know that’s actually not real bricks
hey there’s a
you just gave away my secret there’s a term for what you’re describing it’s called
affiliate marketing [Music] affiliate marketing
yeah that’s it so yeah that’s exactly right
so what would you rather do do whenever you’re
i love doing this and do you recognize why you think there’s a
there’s a there’s actually there’s a light switch on there
that doesn’t happen on bricks
you’re just tearing apart my studio yes i do
this is my studio man don’t disrespect it
no one knows what our roof looks like popcorn roof yeah this whole wall all
the walls used to be popcorn that’s why i put the brick up and then you
did you actually know um well that microphone from your mouth man did you know
you do you think that is a if you think that was a if you know
that was a brick tell us because we want to hear that and
i’ll prove my dad wrong what do you want me to do if
if let’s say 50 people or more get it right my dad’s gonna show a video
of my sister and me my sister and i um wrecking his hair up
what do they have to do so i’m the most
the people that describe to this video if it was
they yeah hold that microphone up
100 subscribers no no no 50 subscribers or more
my dad we’re gonna you will show you on my dad’s
hair look like a monster wreck so if if this video gets 50 subscribers you
get to mess up my hair yeah or more nice this sounds like a ninja kids thing
sounds like what they do in ninja kids except they have like millions of
subscribers yeah well hey if it happens i’ll make a video
of you messing up my hair yeah deal promise
what’s prank number two um what i didn’t say i said i i like chicken fingers don’t you
yeah i like chicken fingers i never said anything about prank not even number one no
okay sure oh did you know that um
my dad is a saxophone player i think they know that
and his beard’s fake how’s my beard fake watch this
yeah it’s real and did you know that
i his true color of his
um rising flower loco is actually red not black or white it’s red this is
red look i mean blue it’s blue it’s not blue i can make it blue
oh watch okay i’ll make it blue where’s the thing what’s this
he has cool remote yeah
green green oh yeah maybe not green
yellow [Music]
back to red back to red oh i have pink i’ll leave it
red give me that remote oh it’s wet down there for my spilled drink
because he did it on purpose i did not do it on purpose did you know my dad
he his underwear is hanging up on the roof no it’s not
and who vote girls get when they do something bad they don’t get in trouble for it
is that what it seems like it seems like that girls don’t get in trouble you see how people girls do it what do
you mean this girl my school she gets she she does really bad stuff and she just
because she’s a girl her sweetness she makes it nap and boom
she doesn’t get in trouble yeah give me an example what did she do
like cuts in line and stuff and she you’re not supposed to
and then she doesn’t get in trouble and control for it attack man but you do get in trouble i just can’t travel for
if i did that if you do that you get trouble yeah do you cut in line
uh no never ever cut in line in my
yeah all right that’s acceptable because we had to go somewhere really fast
you know so you’re saying girls get away with it because they’re cute and sweet yeah tony
like a launching i bet she can get away with a lot of stuff why what do you think his cuties
look at her puppy eyes [Music]
make you say yes to everything i do oh oh i see you look at her eyes i asked
for pizza norm did this see pizza you’re like fine
remember a costco no okay second thing
you’re saying no hold up we’re going back to that you’re saying lauren gives me puppy eyes and she gets away with it yeah she
always gets away with him and i say yes to everything no not you only say like sometimes
it’s a lauren because he’s cute she’s cute
super cute that’s okay but anyway i was telling you
about delivering papers so yeah when i was
probably your age i would have to get into the back of our station wagon
which is a really big car and the bat seats faced backwards
and we would all have to sit backwards in these seats and we could wave at people in the back but we’d go
downtown they’d fill up the whole station wagon with papers and uncle john everyone was back there it was crazy
people would have to put the papers in our car in the middle of the night we’d have to go deliver these papers for like four or
five hours and get up and take these papers and drop them off these creepy houses when i was your age
okay but you don’t let me do that stuff do you let you
yeah well maybe i can give you some more chores
i can’t beat the house you have to leave the house to do chores yeah yeah
what did you start taking out the trash yeah i took that trash before mom just told me to
remember hey maybe it’s time for you to start taking out the trash i did remember i do it i don’t know if you start doing it every day i did it every
day you take out the trash every day yeah mom told me after school did do it not do it
every day yeah not every day because i don’t remember a single time you took
out the trash i did today i did yesterday huh
yes mom she knows i’m about to verify this
which trash can’t you take out the one in the kitchen
okay i’m going to ask her and where’d you take it in your black trash can all right oh
yeah actually i think i remember you did that booyah you paid 50 bucks now
50 bucks yes that’s a lot that’s a little much i don’t know about 50 bucks oh no you should
you should do this to get 50 bucks poop in your pants and get it i’m not
going to poop my pants for 50 bucks all right but anyway i was telling you like yeah you know you’re almost at the
age where it’s time for you to get a job you’re getting older when i was 12 years old i was a catty
oh paper towel four years from now you’re going to be 12 years old a paper caddy no golf caddy
carry people’s golf bags oh i found paper towels when you have a paper airplane challenge and you have to try
to so it’s like a person that had different kind of papers and the person tells you what paper they want and then
they try to aim it inside the basket without getting hurt by the obstacles
oh god like paper shredders is that a job
i didn’t know like golf competitions but it’s like you have accounting golf competitions it’s
like that but you throw paper airplanes oh okay now i know
and have you ever been to the commercial ready set go okay
i don’t have commercials yet what we should have commercials you can do commercial
i’ll just shoot right now come here welcome to [Music] wi-fi the wi-fi is getting good today
wi-fi is this a wi-fi commercial yeah wi-fi tv
okay thanks 20 off serious question
what’s your best give me two of your favorite memories you’ve ever had jumped off waterfall one gold
is there more give me more so he jumped off a waterfall
he won gold for jiu jitsu
i beat like a 13 year old my first time that guy
said he was like the best in the world he bragged remember he bragged he he borrowed a
belt and with a green white belt he borrowed a green white belt and run in front of the whole line
when he borrowed about uh like come on i’m in front of you he like no i’m a great man i’m like
you just started yesterday he keeps doing it
it was annoying so what’s what’s going on with your life
you know man just hanging out doing a podcast chilling so
do you like the blues yeah i like the blues yeah daddy
you about ready to wrap this up yeah ready to end it
maybe one more thing okay i am going to say
yes oh are you representing america oh yeah
oh yeah i’m a president of america oh yeah oh yeah i’m a president of america oh yeah oh yeah i’m president of america
oh yeah oh yeah under presidential america that’s where we can wrap it up all right sounds good thank you for that
well everyone thank you for watching the rising father podcast this is episode 10. and buy some merch
that’s right this is nathan rodak future rising father
boom see you soon

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